Artwork Flow unveils new brand management features with AI and enhanced DAM to power new-age brands

SaaS platform for creative collaboration and brand asset management unveils new AI-powered branding capabilities

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Artwork Flow, Bizongo’s proprietary platform, today announced new brand management updates to augment asset management, simplify creative workflows, and improve user experience. The new features will empower brands in redefining how they manage their assets by slashing hundreds of administrative hours and campaign expenses while speeding up publication timelines.

Creative collaboration and Digital Asset Management Software for new-age Brands

Digital content is in high demand, which puts pressure on brands to produce more than ever before — often with the same or fewer resources. To fuel quicker creative search, image recognition, and auto-tagging, businesses must now integrate AI-driven DAM systems.

“Our goal is to make life easier for marketers by giving them one software that can ensure brand consistency across all their digital assets, touchpoints, and distribution channels,” says Rakesh Edavalath, Head of Product at Artwork Flow.

With its latest updates, Artwork Flow aims to build a platform with efficiency and ease of use at its core. Here’s the latest.

Version control to access all asset versions from one place Smart tags to find assets at warp speed Access control with user-level permissions Project folders to house all project-related assets Public links to share assets with anyone White labeling to create an interface that matches your brand identity Intuitive cloud-based DAM with advanced filter and AI capabilities Fresh, new UI that’s simple and straightforward

These brand-new capabilities aim to create an intuitive experience for the customer and make brand management a breeze. They also mark the beginning of a wave of platform enhancements that Artwork Flow will soon roll out with its revised product vision.

About Artwork Flow

Artwork Flow is a SaaS platform by Bizongo for creative collaboration and brand asset management that aims to eliminate any creative bottlenecks and get your creatives to go to market faster. Artwork Flow helps brands across industries such as Food and Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Consumer goods, and more.

About Bizongo

Bizongo is India’s largest technology-driven platform for made-to-order B2B products. The company’s distinctive business model is a unified platform that solves vendor financing and supply chain for B2B categories like packaging, textiles, raw materials, and more.

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