ARTERY Tech Showcases AT32 MCUs for High Performance and Superior Quality on 2022 D Forum

TAIPEI, Nov. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 2022 MCU D Forum sponsored by DIGITIMES was held at Taipei Huanan Bank International Conference Center on Nov, 11. The D Forum is a professional event that gathers the world’s leading MCU creators and makers to share remarkable innovations and technological milestones. ARTERY Technology was invited to introduce a variety of products, application and solutions and leaved a deep impression with high performance and superior quality of AT32 MCU products.

Since the release of the first AT32 MCU product, ARTERY Tech has been insisting in improvement and innovation, which has helped to earn a place in the intense market competition and win good comments for high quality and stable performance. In the third forum of the AI trilogy “Smart Terminal and MCU New Era”, Hand Du, Director of Product and Marketing, gave a presentation titled “Innovative AT32 MCU Technology Drives New Era for Microcontrollers”, and introduced five main product series including the low-power, value line, mainstream, high-performance and wireless BLE that carry 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4/M0+ core to realize terminal intelligent technology through respective features and advantages. For example, the value-line AT32F423 series, for the convenience of developers, uses USB OTG interface and is designed with 5.33Msps ADC and 2 x 12-bit DACs. It is available at a competitive price for household electronics, industrial control and Internet of Things applications, with samples expected to be available from January 2023. The mainstream AT32F403A/F407 series at a maximum frequency of 240 MHz are designed with configurable 256~1024KB Flash and 96~224KB SRAM, suitable for household and consumer electronics, electric vehicle controllers, etc. Another popular high-performance AT32F435/F437 series are designed with a maximum frequency of 288 MHz and 512KB SRAM, offering rich high-speed digital/ analog peripherals including 3 x 5.33Msps ADCs, 2 x QSPIs, 2 x CANs, 2 x OTG controllers and DVP. In addition, the AT32F437 series has a built-in IEEE-802.3 10/100Mbps Ethernet network controller interface that accelerates high-speed network data transmission rate and greatly improves CPU processing efficiency, which is extended to applications in IoT gateway, industrial control and 5G.

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Hank Du also mentioned another highlight of AT32 MCU, demonstrated that the AT32F421/F4212 (2xOPs)/F413 (2xADCs) series can be imported to motor application platform and support single-resistor/two-resistor/three-resistor current sensing modes, and control of sensor/sensorless FOC position, torque and speed, and introduced ARTERY motor control library and motor application PC software that provide visual GUI and support quick setting of motor and control parameters, as well as real-time monitoring.

ARTERY Tech especially prepared a variety of terminal applications for this forum, including AT-SURF-F437 low-voltage motor drive platform that fully demonstrated the performance advantages of AT32 MCU applications. Furthermore, ARTERY’s engineers and technicians were on the site to explain features of AT32 MCUs and help customers to solve development bottlenecks, creating opportunities and laying the foundation for future cooperation.  

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