ARTERY Debuts Much-Anticipated AT32F423 MCU, Aiming Higher

HSINCHU, April 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ARTERY officially unveiled a new value-line AT32F423 MCU on April, 20. This device, powered by Cortex®-M4F, features a floating point unit (FPU), along with rich pins and packages for diverse customer demands. Characterized by its powerful performance, high integration and cost-effectiveness, the AT32F423 series further adds to the diversification of the AT32 MCU family in terms of cost-sensitive application solutions. With rich peripheral resources on board, the device is capable of processing data at a faster speed, giving full play of its role in various embedded applications targeting not only low-cost development but also high-performance requirements.

Value Line AT32F423 series

AT32F423 series operates at a frequency of up to 150 MHz. It incorporates embedded memories (Flash memory up to 256 KB and up to 48 KB SRAM), an external memory controller (XMC), LCD parallel interface in 8080/6800 modes, 12-bit 5.33 Msps A/D converter and up to 24 external input channels. All these features are set to enhance its capabilities in high-speed data acquisition and processing, as well as in providing better system monitoring and control.

In addition to ADC, the AT32F423 device offers peripherals including 2x 12-bit DAC, 8x USART, 3x SPI/I2S, 3x I2C, 2x CAN, 1x OTG (Xtall-less support in device mode) and up to 87 GPIO interfaces. For GPIO ports, one of their highlights is their port remapping function, flexible IO configurations and alternate functions, with the aim of minimizing the size of circuit board or saving material cost on product development. This also makes it possible for the device alone to be able to meet wider-ranging application scenarios compared to its competitor. That’s why the AT32F423 is believed to be the preferred choice for industrial standard applications such as HMI, industrial control, internet of things, smart home, sweeping robot, LED control, obstacle avoidance module, LiDAR, millimeter wave, etc.

The AT32F423 series offers a rich choice of 21 part numbers and six packages comprising LQFP100, LQFP64, LQFP48, QFN48, QFN36 and QFN32. More importantly, all AT32 MCU products are mutually compatible in software and pin use as well as packages, which, for developers, can allow for flexible product upgrading while ensuring lower cost and shorter design cycles.

Value Line AT32F423 series

As we know, the potentials of MCU devices cannot be tapped fully without the support of a complete development ecosystem. And this is what ARTERY has long been working on in recent years. To this end, we have established a full supply chain of hardware and software resources, such as, AT-Link- Family tool for programming purpose, BSP standard library, ICP/ISP, supporting various development environment including Keil, IAR, eclipse, RT-Thread Studio (IDE platform) and RT-Thread OS, FreeRTOS (OS platform) as well as LittlevGL (GUI platform). The provision of such user-friendly tools will undoubtedly bring better consumer experience and faster development efficiency.

On the other hand, raising the bar on security is also an important part of ARTERY efforts to strengthen data integrity and security. As such, AT32F423 series is equipped with ARTERY-developed security library (also known as sLib). For users, any part of the embedded Flash memory can be protected by sLib mechanism through password setting in order to protect the intelligence of solution providers and facilitate the second-level development by users.

At present, a sample release campaign has begun on AT32F423 series. It is expected to be put into mass production and on the market for sales this May.