ARTERY AT32 MCU-based Solutions for High-speed Multi-Functional Peripheral

HSINCHU, Jan. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Office facilities are always fundamental to business. To save manpower and promote efficiency, more and more user-friendly office equipment have been introduced, and one of the most brilliant device is the multi-functional peripheral (MFP) that integrates copier, printer, scanner and fax machine. It also supports networking, which brings risks of privacy leakage. To eliminate such risks and guarantee stable operation, microcontrollers are used to manage communication and collaboration among functional modules by executing complex instructions with the help of its programmability and powerful processing and control capabilities.

AT32F435/437 series, powered by ARM® Cortex®-M4, have excellent data processing performance and can reach up to 288 MHz computing speed. It supports up to 4032 KB Flash memory and 512 KB SRAM, and features a single precision floating-point unit (FPU), digital signal processor (DSP) and rich peripherals such as 2x QSPIs, 2x OTGs, DVP, communication interfaces and XMC interface (for SDRAM, SRAM and PSRAM) for flexible applications. In addition, it has 3x high-speed ADC engines (5.33 Msps), which supports MFPs to perform for printing, scanning, copying and faxing with fast responses and efficient algorithms.

Main features of AT32F435/437 in MFP applications:

High-performance CPU capability, providing a configurable hardware pipeline to support printing, scanning, copying and faxing Support multiple high-speed PWM outputs for simultaneous motor control Multi-channel ADC/DAC designed with sensors for accurate sensing and printing control Up to 18 timers to realize highly integrated motion control for printing unit output, and lower system cost and complexity Small-sized PCB, with built-in high-speed oscillator and providing various package types Support security library (sLib) settings to protect the defined area with a code, thus improving security Integrate high-speed communication interfaces including USART/UART, USB OTG, CAN, SDIO and Ethernet (AT32F437 only) to improving networking efficiency and stability Support software OTA update, which allows users to update, iterate and expand MFP functions

Diagram of hardware system:

Diagram of AT32 MCU MFP applications


ARTERY Technology is a global MCU design company focusing on promoting innovative development of ARM® Cortex®-M4/M0+ 32-bit MCUs. As of the year 2023, ARTERY has launched a total of 15 AT32 MCU product series including nearly 200 parts, bringing about 80~288 MHz computing speed and supporting 16~4032 KB FLASH and 9~512KB SRAM. AT32 MCUs also designed with 12-bit ADC to capture external signals, rich communication interfaces and multi-channel PWM to offer solutions for applications such as IoT, industrial control, motor control, consumer electronics and commerce.