ARTERY and IGM Co-host 2022 AT32 MCU WORKSHOP in Seoul

HSINCHU, Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On October 18, the 2022 AT32 MCU WORKSHOP was jointly held by ARTERY and IGM in Seoul, which introduced the complete AT32 series MCUs and development tools, and carried out on-the-spot teaching and practice to give participants better hands-on experience with AT32 MCUs.

Based on ARM®Cortex®-M4/M0+ 32-bit MCU, ARTERY AT32 MCUs continue to achieve technical breakthroughs in operating efficiency and accuracy, surpass chips in the same level on the market, and maintain high performance, high accuracy and high stability. In addition, various package specifications, Flash & SRAM sizes and rich peripherals are available to meet different application needs. Since 2018, ARTERY has sold more than 100 million chips and received positive feedback.

In the 2022 AT32 MCU WORKSHOP, a series of courses with rich and detailed contents were conducted and sparked heated discussions among technicians, developers and engineers, which significantly increased the popularity of AT32 MCU and promoted its application in various industries in Korea. At present, AT32 MCUs are widely applied in tech industry, automobile, consumer industry, industrial electronics, communications, etc. With incomparable advantages in versatility, high performance, superior quality and technology, AT32 MCUs earned a place in intense market competition.


The practice course used AT-START-F407 and AT32-Video Evaluation Board to introduce how to assemble and disassemble software and hardware, and demonstrated how to use QR Code and HMI techniques to solve problems that commonly asked in applications. AT-START evaluation board is a simple and easy-to-operate evaluation/development tool, with rich on-chip interfaces, compatible with ArduinoTM Uno R3 extend port, and applicable in Keil MDK, IAR EWARM. The AT32-Video Evaluation Board is designed and developed based on image algorithms and noise elimination processing, and it has 2.4-inch TFT LCD display and SPI interface used with QVGA CMOS Sensor, to realize a variety of image data processing applications. Integrating the AT-START, AT32-Video-EV and AT32F407 32-bit MCU can realize up to 240 MHz operating frequency, and the internal FPU (floating point unit) and DSP (digital signal processor) with complete internal memory design support up to 1 MB Flash and 224 KN SRAM. With the excellent performance of zero wait state, the AT32F407 series has been expanded and applied to industrial control, Internet of Things (IoT), stage lighting, industrial robots, 5G applications, etc.

2022 AT32 MCU Hands-on

IGM is a leading technology company in the development and design of wireless communication and industrial modules in Korea. With more than ten years of experience in MCU field, IGM has strong technical strength and local brand influence, and it is committed to promoting innovative technology development. At this time, IGM cooperated with ARTERY and jointly held the 2022 AT32 MCU WORKSHOP for technical exchange and seeking for more diversified and efficient applications to meet challenges and new opportunities in the Internet of Things era.