Armer Board Introduces the Armer A1 55 4K UHD Interactive Smart Whiteboard

NEW YORK, July 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Armer Board Introduces the Armer A1 55″ 4K UHD Interactive Smart Whiteboard Touch Screen Display, Armer Smart Board Interactive Whiteboard for Workspace, Classroom and Home Office.

Armer A1 55” 4K UHD Touch Screen Interactive Board
Introducing our state-of-the-art 55-inch 4K Ultra HD touch screen. This cutting-edge display offers unparalleled picture quality with its 3840 x 2160 4K Ultra HD resolution, ensuring vivid representation of every detail. With a wide color gamut of 1.07 billion colors (10-bit), the screen delivers rich and lifelike visual effects. Experience ultimate visual clarity and stunning image quality with us. It is ideal for various applications, including remote presentations, interactive learning, and immersive entertainment.

Wireless Projection
Our wireless projection feature is designed to enhance collaboration and convenience. With this functionality, you can effortlessly wirelessly project content across multiple devices. Whether you’re in a meeting, classroom, or any collaborative environment, screen sharing has never been easier. Our screen sharing supports bi-directional control, allowing participants to interact with the projected content using their own devices. With our wireless projection feature, you can easily share and control content, creating a dynamic interactive environment. Embrace the power of wireless connectivity and revolutionize your collaboration.

Smart Whiteboard Writing Functionality
Our smart whiteboard offers a variety of convenient writing features. Firstly, it supports dual-color writing, allowing you to quickly switch between different colored strokes on the whiteboard. Additionally, the quick erase function enables you to easily erase unwanted content. Our smart whiteboard also provides the convenience of file quick transfer and QR code takeaways. You can quickly transfer files by directly sending relevant materials to participants, eliminating the hassle of file sharing processes. By scanning QR codes, attendees can easily take meeting notes back to their personal devices for easy reference and sharing. Furthermore, our smart whiteboard supports smart gestures, shapes, and table functions, making meeting discussions more intuitive. With simple gestures, you can quickly perform operations such as zooming, moving, and rotating, making content presentation more flexible. The graphics and table tools make data and information presentations clearer and easier to understand, providing visual assistance for meetings.

Support Multiple Interface Connection
VGA, USB2.0, USB3.0, HDMI, Touch, RJ45, RS232, and Audio interfaces are supported.

Armer Whiteboard also offers more features:
Annotation and Writing: Annotate and mark content during presentations and save and share annotated content.
File Quick Transfer: Quickly upload images, videos, and files by scanning QR codes, without the need to download or install any software, for added convenience.
Sticky Notes: Edit and publish notes on your mobile device by scanning QR codes.
Nine-Screen Simultaneous Casting: Supports simultaneous casting and operation from nine devices, allowing for file presentations and solutions.

About Armer Board
Armer Smart Whiteboard is an interactive whiteboard that integrates digital and electronic capabilities. It is widely used in classroom teaching, office meetings, remote collaboration, home entertainment, supermarket advertising, and more. It supports powerful functions such as projectors, tablets, whiteboards, and televisions.

Armer Board has always attached great importance to the guarantee of quality and safety. Provide a 60-day return and 1-year warranty policy on all smart whiteboards sold. According to customer feedback, this is the driving force and vision for our enterprise to keep moving forward.

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