Aptoide launches first non-Apple game store on iOS

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LISBON, Portugal, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Aptoide, the leading independent app store, with over 400 million users across the world, is launching the first non-Apple game store on iOS. With its game store, Aptoide brings high-quality games and new features to iOS gaming, including a gamification feature offering players bonuses of up to 10% on every purchase.

Aptoide has also developed the first and only in-app purchases (IAP) solution on iOS that is not from Apple. This means that Aptoide’s iOS game store provides the first IAP software development kit (SDK) available for iOS with Apple’s approval, opening up attractive new possibilities for both game developers and users.

The new Aptoide iOS game store will feature content from a variety of developers. Although currently operating on a smaller scale, being in closed launch, it is experiencing rapid growth. With a pipeline of over 100 interested iOS developers, Aptoide is being selective in its choices to ensure a high-quality user experience. The initial launch will be controlled through access codes, allowing for measured growth and valuable feedback from early adopters. Aptoide has a waiting list of 20,000 people and plans to issue between 500 to 1,000 codes per day.

Paulo Trezentos, Aptoide’s co-founder and CEO, highlighted the importance of the company’s new venture: “The Aptoide iOS game store represents a significant shift in the way users and developers interact with the iOS gaming ecosystem. It marks a significant departure from the traditional iOS gaming ecosystem, which has been controlled by Apple’s App Store. We thank Apple for their support thus far, knowing that there are still areas for improvement in the alternative distribution of iOS apps. We are optimistic that, with continued cooperation from Apple and regulators, the business terms and user experience will continue to be improved in the coming months”.

The launch of the new Aptoide iOS Game Store is the culmination of months of collaboration with Apple’s team. It was made possible by the Digital Markets Act (DMA) policy in Europe, which is forcing the Big Tech gatekeepers to open their walled garden ecosystems. As similar regulations are approved in other regions, Aptoide is ready to expand its operations.

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Aptoide is the game-changing app distribution and payment processing platform with a global reach, available on multiple channels including Android, Web, TV, automotive and iPhone.  With over 400 million users, 10 billion downloads and 1 million apps, Aptoide provides an alternative way to discover apps and games, with no geo-restrictions and one of the best malware detection systems in the market. Aptoide not only focuses on end-users but also offers OEMs and telecoms the opportunity to have their own app store based on an API or co-brand solution. https://en.aptoide.com/

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