Appotronics Unveils World’s First Multi-Window Immersive Display Technology at CES

Global laser innovation leader creates incredible mobility experience for drivers and passengers.

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — At CES 2023, Appotronics, a leading company in global laser display technology showcased its immersive multi-window laser-powered display solution in one global car maker’s vision car.

The vision car is the world’s first car with immersive display capabilities on all four side windows, offering flexibility to display laser-generated content as four transparent screens, making the vehicle more interactive for drivers and passengers. Users have the option to display content on both sides of the windows with ALPD® display devices hidden inside the cabin.

Dr. Yi Li, Founder and Chairman of Appotronics, remarked, “Bringing this advanced laser technology to CES is a ground-breaking moment for the automotive industry. In the past, laser displays on car windows were only imagined in films and on TV. Appotronics’ ALPD®  display technology is now turning this concept into reality, offering drivers and passengers an exceptional mobility experience.”

“As electric vehicles gain market share, our laser display solutions are being adopted more widely, taking different forms such as ultra-large screen projection, roof projection, side-window projection, smart surface projection and more. Outfitting electric vehicles with laser display technology makes perfect sense,” Li added.

Appotronics is a leading laser display manufacturer with research & development, patented core technology and critical component manufacturing capabilities. The company’s laser display solutions have been applied to a wide range of situations and sectors including automotive, movie theaters, home entertainment, exhibition halls, education and aviation. With 1,600 patents globally, Appotronics is now showcasing another example of its technology’s unique applications in the auto sector at CES in 2023.

The company currently offers three main product lines for smart cars, including onboard display, head-up display (HUD) and laser headlights. Appotronics’ laser technology works to combine the lighting and visual display on the interior and exterior of the vehicle, setting the stage for a variety of groundbreaking mobility solutions in the near future. Leveraging its proprietary laser display technology, Appotronics collaborates with experts across industries to create increasingly sophisticated automotive display solutions that will define the future of mobility.

About Appotronics 

Appotronics Corporation Ltd. is a leading laser display manufacturer with in-house R&D, patented core technology and critical components manufacturing capabilities. It was also one of the first companies listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Star Market (Code: 688007). Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Appotronics has subsidiaries and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and North America. Invented in 2007, Appotronics’ signature ALPD® laser display technology is the world’s first widely adopted laser technology in the industry. The technology has been adopted by a wide variety of venues and fields, including movie theaters, exhibition halls, virtual simulations, stage performances, aviation, automotives, business applications, education, home entertainment and more.