Appotronics ALPD® cinema laser light source highlight CineAsia 2023

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the largest and most influential film and television equipment exhibition in Asia, CineAsia 2023 was held at the True Icon Hall in Bangkok, Thailand from December 5 to 7, 2013. Appotronics Corporation Ltd., (Appotronics), the global leader in cinema laser light source technology highlighted the exhibition with its advanced ALPD® (RGB+) laser projection solutions. With the entire film industry has entered a critical period of technology upgrading, the ALPD® (RGB+) solutions, after years of marketing and validation, is attracting more and more users around the world.

Reliable & Energy-efficient

Thanks to the extraordinary brightness and high energy efficiency of the laser light source, compared with the traditional xenon lamps at the same brightness level, the ALPD® (RGB+) laser light source is more energy-saving and can effectively reduce electricity bills. What’s more, the ALPD® light source has a service life up to 30,000 hours, eliminating the need for frequent lamp replacement as in the traditional xenon lamp projectors. ALPD® (RGB+) now has a complete product line ranging from 5,000 lumens to 55,000 lumens covering all projector platforms, helping numerous theaters to significantly improve projection brightness and quality.

So far, ALPD® (RGB+) has been in use in cinemas for eight years. With the higher energy-efficiency, lower cost and better projection quality, the ALPD® (RGB+) solutions are gaining more and more popularity and endorsements among the global users. As of early December 2023, it has been installed in more than 36,000 cinema halls globally, with users spreading across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. With frequent appearances at many international exhibitions, ALPD® (RGB+) projection solutions are becoming a rising star of the global film industry.