Appliance Brand Cyetus Launches CYETUS Cubic Espresso, Bringing Cafe-Grade Coffee Experience Home

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cyetus, an innovative small kitchen appliance brand, today announced the launch of CYETUS Cubic – All in One Espresso Machine, aiming to bring cafe-grade brewing experiences into homes. The CYETUS Cubic Espresso is a versatile, semi-automatic coffee machine that effectively grinds and extracts coffee, and also steams milk, making it a solid option for home brewers.

“Making your preferred cup of coffee should be easy and fuss-free.” said Ralph Chen, VP & Head of Brand at Cyetus. “The LCD display on the CYETUS Cubic Espresso will further simplify the brewing experience, and we believe this will only benefit coffee lovers who appreciate consistent brews from the comfort of their homes.”

CYETUS Cubic – All in One Espresso Machine

Rich Customization Options

Featuring an easy to use LCD display, users can freely choose from a variety of options, including different shot sizes, duration of grinds and water temperatures. There are 15 grind settings to select from, enabling users to select an extra fine grind or coarse grind as they prefer. Whether it is French-press, drip or fresh brewed, the CYETUS Cubic Espresso allows you to create your ideal cup, easily.

Uncompromised Brew Quality

The CYETUS Cubic Espresso allows for a professional grade coffee making experience.
Its commercial-sized 58mm portafiller holds more grounds and ensures even water dispersion, working in tandem with a 15 bar pressure pump to deliver rich aroma.

A Swiss-made Hall Pulse Flowmeter enables a consistent brew by precisely controlling the water temperature during brewing, while a single-hole steam rod creates a smooth blanket of steamed milk foam, providing a delicate finish to one’s latte.

The CYETUS Cubic Espresso is now available for purchase via and on Amazon for an MSRP of $699. It has a promotion price during Black Friday at $499.

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About Cyetus

Newly founded in 2021, Cyetus is built with a mission to empower everyday consumers via carefully thought out quality products. The original inspiration for Cyetus was derived from a constellation in Greek mythology. The brand is made up of a group of passionate product designers who share a common love for Star Wars, and good coffee, among other interests.

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