Announcing the Software Development Conference 2024: Gathering 50+ experts to explore the new frontier of software intelligence

BEIJING, May 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Software Development Conference 2024 (SDCon), co-organised by CSDN and Boolan, a high-end IT consulting and education platform, will be held at the Westin Beijing on 4-5 July, and will continue to deliver substantive content through real-world cases.

The evolution of LLMs and open-source technology is ushering in a transformative era in global software R&D, with AI driving code automation to unprecedented heights. The migration of open-source tools to the cloud and the integration of AI into applications are poised to ignite a new surge in China’s software industry.

As the pinnacle of authority on innovative software development practices, this SDCon will focus on the theme “LLMs Driving a New Paradigm of Software Intelligence”, bringing together breakthrough insights from large-scale model-driven software advancements, first-hand tactical wisdom from industry leaders and elite technologists, and in-depth analysis of emerging trends and optimal industry implementations.

The conference will feature 12 major tracks: “Cloud-Native Architecture,” “System Observability,” “Architecture Design & Evolution,” “R&D Efficiency Practice,” “Applications Development,” “Intelligent Software Development,” “AI/ML Ops,” “New Data Infra,” “Software Quality,” “High Availability,” “System Performance Tuning,” and “Industry Best Practices.” You will see over 50 premier experts, architects, and leaders from the technology vanguard engage attendees in a discourse on navigating R&D within the current technological landscape. A roster of confirmed speakers is available below, with additional names to be announced via: 2024 Software Development Conference | SDCon

Moreover, the conference’s Program Committee is made up of seasoned professionals with more than a decade of hands-on experience in software R&D, architecture design, cloud-native environments and related fields. SDcon is a premier gathering for the software development community, bringing together a wealth of industry elites. We cordially invite innovators, senior technologists, architects and CTOs with a proven track record in leading or overseeing R&D projects to join us as esteemed guests at the conference.

Since its successful launch in 2017, the Software Development Conference has become a significant event in the software R&D sector. Attendees represent diverse industries, including but not limited to internet, telecommunications, finance and manufacturing……These professionals bring their expertise and unique insights from their respective sectors to the conference for in-depth exchanges and intellectual collisions. Participating companies include Microsoft, Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, SAP, ZTE, HP, IBM, eBay, Qihoo 360, Sogou,, Cheetah Mobile, China Unicom, Autodesk,, Meituan, and iQiyi – each a powerhouse in its field, pushing the boundaries of R&D practice.

About CSDN

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