Angry Miao Launches AM Compact Touch Keyboard With Two-Stage Adjustable Leaf Spring and Touch Panel

ZHUHAI, China, Feb. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Angry Miao, a leading technology brand focusing on revolutionizing wireless desktop products, is adding to its existing keyboard lineup with the Indiegogo launch of the new AM Compact Touch, previously known as the AM 65 Less. Featuring a new symmetrical layout that takes the fundamental usage habit of the 65% layout, the AM Compact Touch will bring this new layout to the masses with the quality and innovative features expected from Angry Miao

AM Compact Touch (65 Less): Two-Stage Adjustable Leaf-Spring with Arrow Keys Touch Panel Mechanical Keyboard

AM Compact Touch design philosophy

Citing market demand for the specific layout, Angry Miao sees the 65% layout satisfying the requirements of the majority of users with all the practical functions expected from a keyboard.

With the compact size of the AM Compact Touch, it takes up a relatively small area on your desk, and will take up to 11% less space than an ordinary 65% layout keyboard. By retaining the fundamental user habit of 65% and making a few adjustments for symmetric design, Angry Miao wants users to enjoy the full keyboard experience without any loss.

Two-Stage Adjustable Leaf Spring Mount: choose your typing style

Angry Miao also places emphasis on the typing experience, which has been the hallmark of its lineup. With AM Compact Touch’s leaf spring mount, users can adjust the flex from soft to hard without changing the switches or plate. The keyboards also feature two different leaf spring materials (Phosphorus Copper and Stainless Steel).

With its adjustable rebound, these two different leaf spring materials allow for 8 different typing combos when combined with the adjustment pad. This allows users to fine-tune their typing experience without changing out switches or plate.

Repeated research has also led to size adjustments of the cutouts on the 1.2mm hot-swap PCB and pads, improving the sound quality while typing for an unparalleled experience.

Touch Panel arrow keys

AM Compact Touch features a unique touch panel that can function as arrow keys when users slide their thumbs over them. Users can also swipe & hold to fwd/rwd videos or adjust the volume without using combo keys.

The sensitivity and reliability of mechanical keys are often difficult to achieve completely through software and algorithms. In addition to a separate Touch Panel PCB, the company also reconsidered the algorithm and combined it with the user’s active time on the touchpad to determine whether the user is “tapping” or “long pressing” and realize the two most commonly used functions of the arrow key.

When a keyboard goes Back to the Future

In terms of aesthetics, the DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future plays a major role in the design of the AM Compact Touch, evoking a sense of retro-futuristic ideas and symmetrical lines. The attention to detail goes beyond the keyboard itself, with the packaging also helping to tell the story. From the bespoke box design to the distinct color-contrasting design partitions of the AM Compact Touch, users have the flexibility to work with while having the opportunity to show off their personality.

The AM Compact Touch comes in seven different variants, each with contrasting color schemes. The Mech Love and Laser Special Editions take their lighting effect inspiration from Love, Death & Robots and Cybertruck respectively and provide additional RGB lighting on their blocker positions, powered by an individual control PCB. In-switch RGB lighting is also available.

Users can even further customize the Mech Love Custom Edition on its 3 customizable areas. They are located at the blockers in the left and right lower corners and also the area above the USB Type-C port.

Leading-edge craftsmanship

With the compact size of AM Compact Touch, it’s extremely important that all components line up perfectly. Therefore, strict requirements on the accuracy of each part during the manufacturing process were required. Through CNC processing, the CMF and QC team set the standard at panel gaps of less than 0.15 mm.

The decision was made to complete the fine milling of each metal part from a piece of aluminum billet with the four-axis CNC in order for elevated machining accuracy, with the entire milling time of the box body being nearly 300 minutes. This not only ensures a pleasing aesthetic but also guarantees a more consistent experience for users out of the box.

The full features of the AM Compact Touch are as follows:

Two-stage adjustable leaf spring mount – Adjust the flex from hard to soft to find the perfect typing experience. Touch panel arrow keys – Control the arrow keys without lifting your wrist or moving your arm. PCB – 1.2mm hot-swap PCB with in-switch LEDs and cutouts, separate PCBs for Touch Panel and blocker RGB lighting built-in. In-switch and blocker lighting effects – For personalizing a desktop setup. Configuration – All keys support remapping and assigning multimedia keys, up to 7 layers. Supports DIY lighting setups. Dual-mode connectivity – Connect through Bluetooth 5.1 or USB Type-C. Wireless charging – Works great in combination with Qi chargers such as CYBERMAT. Variants – Back to the Future (silver/grey), Night Drive (purple), All Black (black), 8-Bit (red/white), Hard Candy (blue/white), Laser (black+blocker RGB), Mech Love (silver/black+blocker RGB) and Mech Love Custom Edition.

Interested users can find out more via the official Angry Miao website, or join the Discord server or Instagram to interact with the company.

The Base Kit variant will be priced at 398 USD, 450 USD, 515 USD, and Bundle variant will be priced at 498 USD, 550 USD, and 615 USD. Early customers can get 8% off by taking advantage of the 48 hours Indiegogo Early Bird discounts.

About Angry Miao

Established in 2019 by Li Nan, former Senior VP / CMO of Meizu, Angry Miao is committed to bringing future technology to consumers through close community interaction, while at the same time providing advanced futuristic product designs. This, towards building the so-called: Future Art Community.

The company’s products include TWS and revolutionary wireless desktop products. Through Community Driven and the D2C sales model, while combining the latest tech with subcultural trends, Angry Miao is devoted to creating a high-end and trendy technology brand widely recognized by global consumers.