Analytic Edge launches SaaS marketing analytics platform Analytic Edge Qube

SINGAPORE, Jan. 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Analytic Edge, a leading provider of marketing and sales analytics solutions, announced the launch of Analytic Edge Qube, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that provides companies with an all-in-one toolkit for marketing analytics.The Analytic Edge Qube platform brings together a comprehensive suite of solutions including – Demand DriversTM for always-on Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM), SynTestTM for AI powered Test and Learn, PriceSenseTM for pricing and promotion analytics, and PowerViewTM for analytics visualization. The platform provides marketers with all the analytics tools they need to deliver improved marketing effectiveness and marketing Return on Investment (ROI).


Today, companies face two major challenges with setting up an effective marketing analytics program.First, the long turnaround time for running analytics and generating insights and recommendations,makes it ineffective for real-time decision making on changes to marketing strategy and campaigns. Two, the dependence on large consulting firms or analytics providers to manage, run and interpret marketing analytics makes it expensive to set up and scale across multiple brands and markets.

The Analytic Edge Qube platform offers highly automated,intuitive, no-code interfaces that enable companies and brands to bring their marketing analytics in-house without the need for data scientists or statistics experts within the company. Bringing marketing analytics in-house with Qube’s subscription-based, a-la-carte model delivers cost efficiency and easy scalability, while enabling more real-time marketing insights for timely and data-driven marketing decision making in today’s fast-paced competitive landscape. In addition,the Qube platform addresses increasing privacy concerns and regulations by reducing the need to share user data with third parties.

Clients can access the Qube platform through a cloud-based interface and log in to any of the solutions they are subscribed to. No code interfaces allow for creation of analytical models, running Test and Learn experiments, testing impact of pricing and promotion strategies, viewing insights on visual dashboards, and more.

Commenting on the launch, Rahul Budhraja, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Analytic Edge, said, “I am pleased to announce the availability of our Analytic Edge Qube SaaS platform as an all-in-one toolkit for marketing analytics and data-driven decision making. The benefits of marketing analytics have so far largely been restricted to large companies and brands due to the cost and complexity involved. With this platform, our objective is to democratize marketing analytics by making it simple, fast and accessible to all.”

About Analytic Edge
Analytic Edge is a global analytics company that leverages technology and advanced analytics to help companies make data-based marketing decisions. The company’s flagship platform Analytic Edge Qube offers a suite of marketing analytics solutions with a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The solutions include Demand Drivers, SynTest, PriceSense and PowerView. Analytic Edge works with clients across industry verticals such as e-commerce, mobile apps, gaming, consumer packaged goods, retail, automotive and many others. The company has offices in Singapore, India, US, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Switzerland, China, Japan, South Korea, UAE and Australia. For more information, visit