An Invitation from Hainan CPC Secretary: “Welcome to Invest in Hainan FTP”

HAIKOU, China, March 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — A report from Hainan International Media Center (HIMC): 

On March 12, Secretary of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee Feng Fei extended a warm invitation to friends from all around the globe looking to travel, invest, and acquire property on the island in “The Forefront”, a special interview program launched by the China Global Television Network (CGTN).

China’s southernmost island-province is on the brink of becoming an economic powerhouse thanks to the construction of its free trade port with Chinese characteristics and is already a window to the country’s reform and opening-up. CGTN anchor Wang Guan sat down with Feng Fei, Secretary of Hainan’s CPC Provincial Committee, for an exclusive interview to discuss Hainan’s main policies and initiatives to foster growth and boost economic development. (Source: CGTN)

As China’s southern island province of Hainan is making great strides towards becoming a free trade port with global influence, Secretary Feng and CGTN anchor Wang Guan discussed Hainan’s main policies and initiatives to boost economic development and the innovations already achieved in fields such as ecological conservation, green financing, exhibition industry, and tourism.

Feng elaborated on what Hainan calls its “Four Pillars, Three Strengths, and Three Premium Service Sectors” framework to increase its quality, resilience and competitiveness. Specifically, the island province is developing its four leading industries (tourism, the modern service industry, high-tech, and tropical agriculture) and three future-oriented industries (seed breeding, deep sea, and aerospace), and—in order to lure back outbound consumption—fostering three premium service sectors (high-end shopping, medical treatment and diagnosis, and education).

According to the master plan for the development of the Hainan Free Trade Port released by China’s State Council in June 2020, Hainan is scheduled to start independent customs operations by the end of 2025.

Feng stated that—with the economy’s takeoff—Hainan has, by fostering environmentally friendly industries and improving new energy vehicle penetration rate, also made impressive strides towards creating a “clean energy” island.

Hainan not only boasts unique natural and cultural resources for tourism development, it has also played host to many high-level conventions and exhibitions in recent years (such as the Boao Forum for Asia and the China International Consumer Products Expo).

The island province’s tourism and exhibition industries have recently gained new momentum as Hainan’s visa-free entry policy for citizens of 59 countries was expanded in February to allow entry and stays of up to 30 days for purposes including business, interviews, and exhibitions.

Feng claimed that Hainan—as a new frontier of China’s opening up—will embrace the world with open arms, and that more free and convenient trade and investment will be achieved between Hainan and other parts of the world.