An Emperor’s Most Cherished Treasure

BEIJING, Nov. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A news report from on an emperor’s most cherished treasure:



Fine, crisp and translucent. Many years ago, a dance between clay and fire gave rise to a tangible piece of art: porcelain.

As a memory that can be felt with both hands, it is touchable history.

What does Emperor Qianlong’s beloved treasure look like?

It’s the Famille-rose Rotating Vase on Blue Ground. Its neck flanked by a pair of ear handles is rotatable. Flowers painted on it are in Western style and poems inscribed on the vase were all written by Qianlong.

Let’s look at a piece of work favored by Emperor Yongzheng, who is Emperor Qianlong’s father.

It is a small bowl with a diameter of only 10.3 cm. There is a painting of an orchid plant and a queer stone on one side, and a poem inscribed on the other side, with seal marks affixed to the poem. If unfurled, it would make an elegant literati painting.

So, could you tell the differences in tastes and preferences between the two emperors?

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An Emperor’s Most Cherished Treasure