AMOREPACIFIC Brings the ‘Next’ K – Beauty Innovation to Indonesia

The 77-year hub of latest beauty innovations, AMOREPACIFIC offers latest beauty solutions through its global brands Sulwhasoo, Laneige, innisfree, & Etude

JAKARTA, Indonesia, July 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — While K-concept beauty products are gaining popularity in Indonesia, AMOREPACIFIC, a 77-year-old beauty group with roots in Korea, is moving forward as a global provider of new and innovative beauty solutions.

During the pandemic, AMOREPACIFIC continued its research on skincare ingredients recently in the spotlight, such as hyaluronic acid and retinol. As a result, the company is now offering the enhanced versions of its globally popular skincare formulas from its brands like Sulwhasoo, Laneige, innisfree, and Etude.

And Indonesia – where young, tech-savvy consumers quickly access new trends from around the world and actively try them out – remains one of AMOREPACIFIC’s key markets. Skin care proved strong in Indonesia as the people devoted more time to personal care regimens during the pandemic. Online shopping activities through digital platforms also increased dramatically during this period – the Indonesian E-Commerce Association (idEA) mentioned that e-commerce growth in Indonesia increased by more than 40% in 2021[1].

To serve the consumers in this dynamic region, AMOREPACIFIC Indonesia is actively widening its digital presence while also introducing new products and experiences that cater to those that appreciate self-care routines. Sulwhasoo, which opened its first store in Seibu, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta in 2013, has been actively expanding its stores across Indonesia and plans to open its latest new store in the Island of the Gods later this year. Laneige, trusted by Indonesian customers for their deeply hydrating solutions, recently celebrated its Cosmo Reader’s Choice Awards 2021 win for the Water Bank Hydro Cream EX. Innisfree will be reopening its Senayan City store later this year with a new eco-friendly theme. Visitors will be able to participate in earth-caring initiatives like the innisfree Green Forest Campaign and upcycling programs.

Eun-san Jeong, General Manager of AMOREPACIFIC Indonesia, said, “AMOREPACIFIC will continue to provide new and original beauty products for Indonesian consumers. In addition to serving our customers who are investing in taking care of themselves, we will carry out campaigns that support a sustainable future and the co-growth for the local community.”


Throughout its 77-year history, AMOREPACIFIC has embraced the harmony and balance that Mother Nature provides. It has long focused on the potential of natural ingredients and researched plant ingredients native to Asia, such as ginseng and green tea. Today, the company offers science-based solutions that capture the beauty benefits of these potent herbs.

Green Tea – Time-honored Beauty Secret of the East

The history of AMOREPACIFIC ‘s research in green tea began in the 1970s when it began cultivating its organic green tea fields on the pristine Jeju Island off the southern coast of the Korean peninsula. As the world’s only beauty company that produces its green tea, it also leads the research into its skincare benefits, including the discovery of a new variety with 1.5 to 2X higher hydrating and anti-oxidant properties, to a patented probiotics strain found in green tea.

Ginseng – A Mystic and Precious Herb

In Asia, ginseng has been widely referred to as the ‘root of vitality.’ In the 1960s, AMOREPACIFIC began research to unlock the beauty potential of this traditional medicinal herb and began implementing ginseng’s saponin – an active ingredient that provides anti-aging and brightening effects – into its skincare products. Today, the company’s science and legacy in this therapeutic herb form the base of the global luxury skincare brand ‘Sulwhasoo.’


Amidst growing interest in Indonesia for innovative products that K-beauty is well known for, AMOREPACIFIC continued its research throughout the pandemic to enhance its global best-selling formulas. The following examples highlight the latest technologies and showcase what AMOREPACIFIC has in store for the future of beauty.

Laneige’ Blue Hyaluronic Acid™’ and ‘Beauty & Life Lab’

AMOREPACIFIC began research on hyaluronic acid, a deeply hydrating skincare ingredient, in the 1980s. The latest from the company’s labs is the Blue Hyaluronic Acid™, patented for the new Laneige Water Bank line. With the size 1/2000 from original hyaluronic acid, it can be absorbed 263x faster to 10th layer of skin, as well as manage the balance of skin barrier up to 300% and keep the skin moisturized for 100 hours[2]. The research findings are from the brand’s Beauty & Life Lab, which focuses its research on modern people’s lifestyles – analyzing changing customer lifestyles based on big data and investigating how everyday lifestyle choices affect skin health.

Sulwhasoo ‘Ginsenomics™ from the ‘Heritage & Science Center (SHSC)’

Ginsenomics™ is the essence of the luxury skincare brands’ research on Ginseng. Korean Ginseng contains more than 30 different types of saponins, but only a particular type of saponin, available in very small amounts, delivers excellent anti-aging efficacies. When Sulwhasoo made this discovery, it went a step further than simply extracting this rare ingredient – condensing it by 6,000 times for the skin, then gave it a new name – Ginsenomics™. These developments are from the Sulwhasoo Heritage & Science Center (SHSC), the Mecca of more than 50 years of research into Korean traditional herbs. With its roots firmly planted in Korean ginseng, the Center proposes unique herbal skincare solutions that combine precious ingredients with the latest innovations in skin science.

Innisfree ‘Jeju- Liposomlogy™’ and the ‘Green Innovation Lab’

Green Innovation Lab is one of innisfree’s initiatives to create high efficacy products with low irritant, clean ingredients. The lab is also dedicated to delivering formulas in methods that minimize waste and reduce impact on the environment. One of the first creation of Green Innovation Lab is the Retinol Cica Moisture Recovery Serum. This product is formulated with Jeju-Liposomlogy™ which is mix of pure Retinol in low percentage, Ceramide NP, Centella Asiatica-derived ingredient, and hyaluronic acid. It is proven to improve skin condition effectively by reducing oil production amount, blackheads, pigmentation, redness & even out texture. Thanks to Jeju-Liposomlogy™ formulation, this serum has been approved through six safety tests, including a 504-hour accumulated skin irritation test, making the product safe to use for sensitive skin, and by pregnant women.


AMOREPACIFIC aims to help consumers find their beauty and, at the same time, keep the planet and communities beautiful too. By conducting responsible brand activities and supporting and supporting sustainable lifestyles, AMOREPACIFIC aims to move forward together with customers and society to create ‘A MORE Beautiful World.’

Laneige ‘HUG for Universal Goodness’

With award-winning hydration products loved by customers around the world, Laneige has been sharing the brand’s belief that water, the origin of all life, is the key to beautiful skin and vibrant life. For the past 10 years, Laneige has been participating in CSR programs that preserve water resources, including the ‘HUG for Universal Goodness’ campaign.

Innisfree, an Eco-Conscious Beauty Brand

Innisfree committed to deliver skin-loving beauty by formulating products with clean formula and expanding its selection of vegan-friendly range. In addition to caring for skin health, the brand works towards earth-loving sustainable beauty. Starting with reducing the use of new plastics and emphasizing the use of recycled plastics, Innisfree is actively acting in guarding marine eco-system by making all its sunscreens coral reef friendly. The brand also continues its reforestation efforts to reach the goal of planting 500,000 trees to minimize its environmental impact.

About Amorepacific

As Korea’s leading beauty company, AMOREPACIFIC is devoted to meeting the various lifestyles and needs of global consumers around the world: Asia, North America, Europe, Oceania and the Middle East. AMOREPACIFIC’s research hubs located around the world are dedicated to sustainable R&D that combine the best of natural Asian ingredients and advanced bio-technology. With its world-class products, AMOREPACIFIC is acclaimed for the innovative ways in which it is transforming global beauty trends.

[1] Euromonitor, Beauty and Personal Care in Indonesia Country Report, May 2022

[2] Results from AMOREPACIFIC R&I Center comparison between hyaluronic acid (1,000kDa) used previously for LANEIGE versus the minimum size of ‘Blue Hyaluronic Acid’ (0.5kDa)/ Results from AMOREPACIFIC R&I Center in-vitro test on the moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid used previously for LANEIGE versus ‘Blue Hyaluronic Acid.’