Altos Radar Debuts Game-Changing 4D Imaging Radar at CES 2024

High-performance radar solution for next-gen ADAS and autonomous driving systems

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Altos Radar, a pioneer startup led by industry experts, unveiled its groundbreaking 4D imaging radar at CES 2024.

The team, with backgrounds in industry-leading tech and autonomous driving firms including Apple, Huawei, Mozilla and, has developed a high-performance radar solution for next-gen ADAS and autonomous driving systems at unprecedented levels of affordability.

Altos V Series: The Production-Ready Breakthrough

At the heart of this innovation lies the Altos V Series, a world-first non-FPGA 4-chip cascade design based on TI TDA4.

The cutting-edge breakthrough generates the highest quality point clouds, a vital asset for autonomous vehicles navigating complex environments, with superior detection range while at the same time delivering exceptional levels of affordability, reliability and mass producibility.

Key Features of Altos V Series:

Industry-leading point cloud density Exceptionally low point cloud noise levels Unmatched angular resolution: both Azimuth and Elevation resolution <1.5° at 16dB dynamic range Superior detection range: 600m for large cars, 400m for small cars, 200m for pedestrians Elimination of speed ambiguity in a single frame

Altos Radar also introduced the Altos RF Series, a non-computing front-end radar module offering a cost-effective 4D imaging radar solution that seamlessly connects to a common camera interface.

Priced at approximately half the cost of similar models with onboard processors, it harnesses untapped ADAS central compute resources to yield high-quality point clouds and provides complete signal processing algorithms and SERDES settings for maximum compatibility.

 Altos Radar @LVCC West Hall #4310, at the center of Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility section

Altos Radar’s technology marks a significant leap forward:

It enables object detection at distances of up to 500m, far surpassing Lidar, and operates robustly in adverse weather conditions including rain, snow, fog and sandstorms It provides precise and instantaneous speed information, addressing traditional automotive radar issues like lack of height information, low angular resolution and noise

Altos Radar’s vision extends beyond the scope of their V and RF Series, with more cost-efficient future products on the horizon, including a 2-chip cascaded (6TX-8RX) and a 4TX-4RX Corner Radar solution.

The company, though founded only one year ago, is already positioned firmly at the forefront of the radar world, with a highly skilled team rooted in the field of autonomous driving and experiences spanning hardware, RF design, signal processing, compute optimization and radar perception. In just one year, Altos has already released 2 generations of imaging radars, pushing the boundary of what can be built.

Altos Radar’s high-performance 4D millimeter-wave RADAR meets the booming demand for 4D imaging radars, with the market projected to double to $8 billion by 2027 (Yole’s 2022 Automotive Radar Report). Moreover, McKinsey’s Autonomous Driving’s Future Report forecasts potential revenues of $400 billion by 2035 in the autonomous driving market.

Altos Radar’s commitment to advancing 4D Imaging Radar technology has attracted substantial backing, with notable investors led by Hesai Technology CEO David (Yifan) Li, ZhenFund and Monad Ventures contributing a combined $3.5m million in seed funding.

Experience the future of autonomous driving technology at CES 2024. Visit Altos Radar at LVCC West Hall #4310.

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About Altos Radar

With extensive experience in the autonomous driving industry, Altos Radar is a rising tech startup developing high-performance 4D imaging radars at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

Altos Radar’s core team comprises top talents from the tech industry, including seasoned professionals in hardware from Apple and Huawei, as well as software experts from Mozilla and