Allschool Champions the Power of Choice with “Celebrate Independence Day” Themed Classes

Pursuing Happiness in Children’s Dreams of Independence

SAN MATEO, Calif., July 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leading provider of online interactive classes, Allschool, launched “Celebrate Independence Day” classes for kids 3-15 years old. The Allschool USA-themed class series will be running from July 4th to 18th for those who wish to pursue a meaningful educational challenge during the summer holidays. Whether surrounded by family, stuck indoors due to COVID-19 restrictions, waiting for fireworks to start, or just looking for something extra to do while on vacation, Allschool is an ideal educational companion for children.

Allschool Launches ‘Celebrate Independence Day’ classes

Why Allschool Launches ‘Celebrate Independence Day’ classes:

Pursue Dreams of Independence Allschool strives to give students the opportunity to choose their own path and forge their own dreams. With this event, Allschool is exploring Independence Day and the American Dream to inspire students to choose their own passions. Allschool believes choice is integral to good education. Educational Researcher, Dr. Marzano, has found that student choice in the classroom is tied to increased performance, effort, and interest. The Celebrate Independence Day class bundles are intended to facilitate an environment of learning-by-choice and lead to more invested learners. Free up Quality Holiday Time   Quick and impactful classes are an ideal way to spend some quality time during the holiday weekend while waiting for BBQs, fireworks, or on a ride to New York for a family gathering. A new survey by™ reveals that 88% of American travelers plan to drive to their holiday destinations over Independence Day weekend. Allschool is the perfect on-the-go learning tool for kids who need practical stimulation on long rides. Affordable and Accessible Holiday Choice   The current 30% off deal for ‘Independence Day Classes’ gives everyone a chance to spend in a more meaningful way and get more for less. Suitable for any kid with an internet connection. Experience awesome learning tools, engaging teachers, and build connections with classmates from diverse culture. New Knowledge and Expanded Views   With a variety of topics such as history, art, and culture, learners get a chance to expand their world views and knowledge. Open children’s mind, and transform perception in a powerful way.

Introducing the classes, Allschool Co-founder Jack Shan said, “The 4th of July is the perfect time to launch a series of USA-themed classes to celebrate the holiday. We hope all American kids can achieve their own independent dreams and become independent mentally and physically. Follow their own interests to live in a healthy and meaningful lives. When students choose their own path, they are more invested and engaged, and we are here to give them more choices for their education.”

The new series features five themed classes, each dissecting an important part of American society.

American History Travel back in time and learn about the children of America from different decades Learn about the history and values of 6 past American monies American Culture   Learn about different cities and their unique subcultures Explore other subcultures such as the American Deaf Community American Art   Create wonderful Independence Day crafts such as firecrackers by using household items Learn to draw American-inspired fashion, and design fashion dolls American Travel   Check out the Big Apple with a guided tour in Alaska, Wisconsin, and more See Lady Liberty in all her glory in New York

More Special Cultural Classes Incoming

The Allschool ‘Celebrate Independence Day’ classes are the first step in the company’s mission to spotlight different cultures and highlight their qualities and differences. In the future, more special class bundles will be released in order to help learners continue to grow and explore their own interests with as many options as possible.

About Allschool

Allschool is an innovative online platform that delivers highly interactive small-group live classes to children worldwide. Through Allschool, learners can enjoy a variety of premium live classes – including mathematics, languages, visual arts, game design, and more – delivered by thousands of devoted and talented teachers from all around the world.

An expert in online education, Allschool has developed a set of innovative purpose-built teaching and learning tools that bring meaningful changes to learning outcomes, allowing students to immerse themselves in a rewarding, gamified, and interactive environment that empowers them to explore and pursue their interests while making schooling fun and enjoyable.


Pursuing Happiness in Children’s Dreams of Independence