All In One, New Hunting Horizons — InfiRay Thermal+ is released

HEFEI, China, Sept. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — InfiRay Outdoor released the Thermal+ on August and will launch the Themal+’s products from early October .


At present, the only way to expand the night vision function for day scopes is to add a thermal imager in front of the daytime unit lens, that is, clip-on products. In this case, users will need to go hunting with at least a daytime optic and a thermal imager. 

Thermal+ is another revolutionary innovation by InfiRay based on practical needs. It’s  based on the traditional optical path design, adding both a direct view channel and thermal imaging channel, making the original two beams of light share one optical channel to achieve seamless switching. Users can see the real view while seeing highlights by thermal imaging from daytime observation to night observation. In addition, Thermal+s image modes include thermal mode, AR highlight, and outline mode to satisfy various complex hunting observations.

If this Thermal+ become a reality, users don’t need to change to a thermal imaginer when they hunt some targets which have similar color with surroundings. InfiRay Outdoor describes it in their press”When the target is hidden by the background environment, the see-through optics channel shows the normal view, while the thermal imaging channel highlights the target, helping users to discover the prey camouflaged in the background.”

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