AlfredCamera Announces AlfredCam Plus: New Outdoor 2K Camera with Advanced Pet and Vehicle Detection

TAIPEI, Oct. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Following the success of last year’s AlfredCam, AlfredCamera unveils its second-generation hardware security camera, AlfredCam Plus. The latest model continues to bridge the gap between affordability and superior home security, strengthening the company’s position in the global home security market.

AlfredCam Plus introduces superior 2K QHD video resolution, IP65 waterproofing for outdoor use, Advanced AI capabilities, and USB C connectivity.

AlfredCam Plus introduces superior 2K QHD video resolution, IP65 waterproofing for outdoor use, and USB C connectivity. To cater to increasingly nuanced surveillance needs, it advances AlfredCamera’s AI capabilities with the introduction of Pet Detection and Vehicle Detection alongside Person Detection.

Each AlfredCam Plus is bundled with a 64 GB microSD card, so users can commence continuous recording right out of the box. Plus retains the beloved features of the original, like infrared night vision and two-way audio. Like the original, it’s available at an accessible price point, retailing at $49.99. As part of the introductory offer, users can also enjoy one month of AlfredCamera Premium for free.

Further refinements include a magnetized base that allows for more flexible placement and a new 10ft long USB C power cable. At twice the length of its predecessor’s micro USB cable, Plus ensures effortless installation even in challenging locations.

AlfredCamera’s journey began as a free app that transforms old phones into surveillance tools, an innovation it continues to offer to millions of users worldwide. The AlfredCam line is a result of the brand’s evolution into a comprehensive home security solution.

“With AlfredCam Plus, we are redefining standards, ensuring both existing and new users have access to the latest and the best without putting a strain on their wallets,” says Alex Song, founder and CEO of AlfredCamera.

AlfredCamera advocates a DIY approach to home security, encouraging the use of old phones, tablets, and webcams alongside the AlfredCam line to meet the user’s specific needs and budgetary requirements.

AlfredCam Plus is available now on, the AlfredCamera app, and Amazon. For more information on AlfredCam Plus, visit

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