Akash Network and Concordium Partner to Offer Decentralized Cloud Infrastructure for Blockchain Applications

ZUG, Switzerland, March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Concordium blockchain is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Akash Network, an open supercloud platform that makes scaling and accessing services around the world easier than ever by connecting users to infrastructure providers with excess computing resources.

The partnership between Concordium and Akash Network is an exciting opportunity for projects running on Concordium to access attractive and cost-effective cloud server spaces to run their dApps. By integrating with Akash Network, ecosystem participants will also be able to leverage decentralized cloud storage and computational power to run their Concordium node, and in doing so contribute to further decentralizing the blockchain. 

Most of the internet’s data lives on centralized networks at the behest of only three owners, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure, who currently account for over 60% of the cloud computing market. 

Akash Network was born out of the need to correct this imbalance: it is a free, public, and purpose-built service on a mission to decentralize cloud infrastructure and give power back to the people. Its distributed peer-to-peer cloud marketplace is run by a network of globally distributed node operators providing tenant applications with cloud-grade server space at 85% lower prices than other systems. 

Akash Network makes it possible to deploy applications in a secure and censorship-proof environment, with a layer one protocol using Proof-of-Stake consensus both to secure the network and to protect the user’s identity. Additionally, removing single points of failure from one company makes Akash Network users more resilient to institutional attack vectors, and leverage from AWS, and other centralized cloud service providers.

Concordium is the only layer-1 decentralized blockchain with a built-in self-sovereign ID framework designed to have real-world utility and specifically benefit business applications. With fast transactions, true finalization and low FIAT pegged fees, it’s the perfect solution for developers looking to build their dApps on a secure, high-scale, science-backed chain.

“With Concordium’s nodes being able to be supported on Akash Network, Concordium’s users have an alternative solution for their cloud needs to not only save costs but further decentralize their cloud infrastructure” says Boz Menzalji, COO at Akash Network.

Mikael Breinholst, Director of Product at Concordium, says “We are very pleased to invite Akash into the Concordium community. As a leader in the decentralized cloud space, this collaboration will surely be well received by the developer community for running nodes and easy deployment of apps. Not only will this save costs but also further decentralize their cloud infrastructure.”


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