Ajax Systems reveals CCTV products, Grade 3 devices, Yale integration, fire enhancements at Special Event: Rule your space

KYIV, Ukraine, Oct. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On 20 October, Ajax Systems hosted its fifth Ajax Special Event: Rule your space, an online showcase of the latest devices and software updates. Starting 8 years ago with the conquest of the global intrusion market, the company is now expanding horizontally by adding entirely new product verticals to its portfolio. Ajax Systems has introduced whole new CCTV products with different approach to privacy.

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Ajax Cameras: Intelligence and privacy built-in

TurretCam, BulletCam, and DomeCam Mini embody signature Ajax design shapes. Each camera provides four possible configurations: 85 or 110-degree lenses with 3K or 4K resolution. Ajax cameras easily adapt to changing light with True WDR technology. This smart tech, involving hardware and software, fixes uneven lighting in complex scenes, frame by frame, in real-time.

Cameras seamlessly utilize the Ajax Cloud for event transmission, using proprietary JetSparrow technology for fast peer-to-peer video data transfer. Thanks to AI analysis, the cameras identify various objects, including humans, vehicles, and pets, enabling the system to record only relevant events and save storage space.

Yale integration: Instant connection with a smart lock

Ajax Systems has announced an integration with Yale, a leading smart home security brand, enabling users to manage Yale smart locks through the Ajax app. The integration will be piloted in Norway, Sweden, Italy, and Spain, with expansion plans for the US, Canada, and more countries soon. The initial integrated Yale models include:

Yale Linus ® Yale Doorman V2N / Classic Yale Doorman L3S

Grade 3: Entering the high-end security market

After relentless efforts, Ajax Systems can cater to the high-security market’s needs. The company proudly announces that Fibra devices are now officially certified with Grade 3. The certification is pivotal for high-risk establishments, including banks, gun shops, government agencies, museums, large warehouses, and offices housing valuable equipment and information.

Other major announcements included:

NVR network video recorder New Fibra devices KeyPad TouchScreen FireProtect 2 АС ManualCallPoint Superior product line for projects Ajax SIM Compliance with global fire safety standards Interconnect Space ecosystem

The fifth Ajax Special Event solidified Ukraine’s pivotal role in shaping the future of security. Ukrainian security industry joins the European club of video surveillance manufacturers, standing alongside Sweden, Germany, the UK, and now — Ukraine.