AIZEN Global expands its CreditConnect banking service in Vietnam

SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AIZEN Global (AIZEN) (CEO Jung Seok KANG), a member company of the Born2Global Centre (CEO Kim Jong-kap), announced that it will expand its CreditConnect service in Vietnam, enabling various industries such as retail, health care, and education to provide credit services. 

 AIZEN Global is an AI finance company that is highly regarded in Asia, as proven by the many international awards it has received. It was ranked in second place globally by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) at the Singapore Fintech Awards and first place at Hong Kong Fintech Week. In addition, AIZEN Global was selected as one of the top 5 largest startups at Startup Wheel 2022, the largest startup event in Vietnam.

CreditConnect is rapidly expanding with its “embedded finance” method that can be easily and quickly applied to industries that require lending services. AIZEN Global is collaborating with local financial institutions in Vietnam to provide services such as data analysis, credit evaluation, and credit risk management through AI, making financial services available for local non-financial companies. Online vendors, which are growing rapidly, can receive loans based on sales data or through electric bike battery data analysis. 

AIZEN Global has created an AI model that makes it possible to offer financial services based on various types of non-financial data. Customers of non-financial companies will be provided with a variety of financial service options, including high loan approval rates and reasonable interest rates. This advanced service allows non-financial companies to acquire and secure loyal customers. In addition, financial institutions can expand their customer bases through CreditConnect.

In particular, the CreditConnect e-commerce service can provide credit to e-commerce vendors quickly by analyzing sales information, transaction data, and expected settlement amounts collected from various types of shopping activity. Based on the data of Vietnamese online shopping vendors, the company is connecting excellent financial partners in Vietnam.

AIZEN Global has led digital AI finance projects of large financial companies, including Woori Bank, Woori Card, Hyundai Card, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, and NH Nonghyup, and also participated in the Global Veritas Challenge, a global challenge to accelerate innovation in responsible AI solutions held by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, for which it was included among the 10 finalists, including VISA, Dreamquark, Experian, EY, SAS, and Truera & Demyst. AIZEN has also conducted AI credit scoring projects with global companies. 

AIZEN’s Vietnamese subsidiary is expanding its local partners, while the company helps its partners secure customers through its excellent AI financial technology. The CEO of AIZEN’s Vietnamese subsidiary said, “In Vietnam, where the digital transformation of finance is rapidly taking place, our partners are expected to achieve even higher competitiveness by using CreditConnect’s embedded finance.

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