Airgram Raises $10 Million for AI Meeting Assistant in 2022

SINGAPORE, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Airgram is one of the top-ranked meeting productivity software programs that provides its users with a whole suite of features, including voice transcription and real-time recording. After Airgram was founded in 2020, it quickly amassed a huge user base in under a year. Now the company has raised 10 million dollars in funding as it targets North America. Airgram’s latest round was led by GL Ventures, the venture capital arm of the Asia-focused investment giant Hillhouse, with participation from Linear Capital, CDH Capital, and PKSHA SPARX Algorithm Fund.

Airgram can auto-join, record and transcribe your meetings.

“As the popularity and use of remote work increases, there is a dire need for online conference and meeting software designed for business use,” said Airgram’s founder and CEO Ryan Zhang. “Bosses need to realize how important and cost-efficient it is to properly manage and record their meetings if they want to increase productivity. Airgram serves as a one-stop solution that benefits the entire lifecycle of virtual meetings. Companies thus minimize extra time spent on online meetings.”

How Airgram Improves Meeting Experience:

Meeting Recording: Airgram allows you to record audio as well as video of your online meetings. Users can even set Airgram’s AI assistant to auto-join a pre-scheduled Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams meeting and record it when they are not present. Once the meeting is recorded, you get the option to download it, play it at adjustable speed or even clip and share a snippet of the recording with others to align on crucial information. With Airgram, any team meeting or call can be recorded for future viewing.

Meeting Transcribing: Airgram provides real-time transcription for all your live meetings, converting the audio of your meetings into text with high accuracy. The transcripts are editable and you can add timestamped notes. Airgram also comes with speaker detection, identifying speakers with its AI-powered voice technology. Automated transcription for meetings helps ensure attendees and no-shows get the most out of each meeting.

Meeting Note: Airgram also offers many collaborative features like meeting agenda templates, integrated text-rich notepads, and multiple action items. Users can also associate notes of recurring meetings and extract key information from transcripts with AI Topic extraction. Meeting notes are taken to provide a record of the discussion for your future reference.

Sharing: Users can quickly share notes and snippets of their recordings with integrated apps like Notion, Google Docs, Word, and Slack or with anyone by creating a shareable link. Following up after a meeting is a good way to ensure that every teammate has clarity on the decisions made. Anyone who misses the meeting can catch up asynchronously by reading the meeting notes you share.

Airgram, as a one-stop virtual meeting management tool, is well-used in meeting planning, engaging, and reviewing, helping teams collaborate and improve the productivity of their meetings. In the next version, Airgram will integrate with Zapier to empower users to automate their workflows.

About Airgram

Airgram is a top-notch meeting transcription and recording tool that started its journey in 2020 and has been rapidly used worldwide. Airgram is headquartered in Singapore and now has various offices in Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Austin, TX. In July 2022, Airgram won the #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt. So far, they have supported thousands of teams and individuals in arranging efficient and engaging meetings every single day, aiming to ensure users have efficient, thoughtful, and fruitful meetings.