AIRCUVE introduces Smart 2FA Security platform for Work-From-Home Optimized

SEOUL, South Korea, Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AirCUVE, during the last 2 decades as a global leading network security company, launched a Smart two-factor Authentication Solution, V-FRONT v7, which is an advanced Smart and Easy Login solution in November. The long-lasting COVID-19 changed work environment office work to ‘Work-From-Home(WFH)’ and many companies are prepared to deploy more intelligent security platforms to protect corporates.  Governments, enterprises, the public, and hospitals use a lot of video conferencing meetings for daily operations.  Therefore, most governments of the US and EU announce Executive Orders to protect their networks with advanced 2FA platform.  The 2FA & Wifi security Authentication is no longer a supplementary, but becomes a mandatory platform for protection in environments with high pandemic risk.

AIRCUVE introduces Smart 2FA Security platform for Work-From-Home Optimized

AirCUVE was holding a series of ‘Security Solution Seminars at Makati Diamond Hotel’ with local strategic partner ‘REMAX’ in the Philippines in November.  The theme covered “Securing company while working remotely – Power of 2FA & WiFi”.  AIRCUVE invited many key clients, from banks, government public, telcos, enterprises, and schools.  Their attendance to the seminar and AIRCUVE delivered informative security trends and advanced AIRCUVE 2FA & Wifi authentication benefits. 

AirCUVE introduced upgraded “V-FRONT v7” providing a compact management UI and smart login tokens, biometric fingerprint, Yubikey, QR, PUSH, SMS/email/mobile OTP.   It has a leading edge to Passwordless authentication aiming at zero trust security, which gives users a ‘Smart Login’ and gives administrators ‘Easy Manage’.  “V-FRONT” will satisfy customer needs of “Secured Work-From-Home(WFH) with Smart 2FA”.

“AirCUVE is so delighted to introduce Smart & Easy 2FA solution to Bank transactions, VPN, and customer web portals,” said Executive Vice President GS AHN of AirCUVE.  He also added, “AirCUVE is expanding the business in Pan America, Japan, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Europe and is sure AIRCUVE will be the major player in the Authentication industry in 2023.”   Furthermore, industries are rapidly shifting toward a wireless network that is not so secure enough.  AirCUVE, also, provides a consolidated WiFi access authentication platform, “AirFRONT”, which is a Smart & Easy security management for WiFi security.   AirCUVE specializes in Network Authentication with over 1,200 references across the world over 20 years.  Nowadays in the pandemic environment, strong demand for smart 2FA and WiFi authentication has increased and AirCUVE is ready to lead this authentication industry worldwide.

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