AIOps Provider ScienceLogic Acquires Machine Learning Analytics Provider Zebrium to Provide At-A-Glance Root Cause Visibility

RESTON, Va., Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Moving toward its goal of freeing up resources of enterprise IT teams and optimizing digital experiences, AIOps and hybrid-cloud IT management provider ScienceLogic has acquired machine learning analytics firm Zebrium to automatically find the root cause of complex, modern (i.e., containerized, cloud-native) application problems. This partnership drastically reduces the time it takes to identify, diagnose and resolve business-service impacting issues, lowering IT costs and delivering superior customer and employee experiences.

How? With this acquisition, ScienceLogic is combining its AIOps capabilities with the root-cause analysis (RCA) technology of Zebrium to provide enterprises with the ability to comprehensively understand their IT estate, from endpoint devices to SaaS and cloud environments. The solution provides powerful machine learning analytics that draw on both real-time and historical data for a contextual understanding of the service impact and root cause when issues arise so they can be automatically remediated.

“We understand that at the end of the day, customers care about a few core things. Among those are making sense of drastically increased amounts of data, maintaining a quick time to resolution, and focusing on customer experience,” says Mike Nappi, CPO at ScienceLogic. “Combining our capabilities with that of Zebrium creates a whole new level of analytics-driven insights and automation we can bring to bear for our customers.”

“This partnership means that ITOps and DevOps teams will have the breathing room to commit time, energy, and resources to improving and supporting infrastructure and analytics standards, all while cutting IT costs,” said Ajay Singh, CEO at Zebrium. “With our machine learning capabilities combined with ScienceLogic’s service context and automation, organizations can greatly reduce the time they spend identifying and remediating issues.”

“The Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) spends thousands of hours each month analyzing software logs to find the root cause of customer incidents,” said Koree Mires, Director, Global TAC Innovation, Automation and Disruption at Cisco Systems. “We had been investigating ways to help automate this process for many years. When we came across Zebrium, we were immediately impressed. In order to validate its effectiveness, we tested RCaaS with four product lines and 192 actual customer incidents. We were astonished to find that RCaaS correctly found the root cause automatically over 95 percent of the time.”

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