AIMA Q7: Redefining Intelligent Two-Wheeled Electric Vehicles with a Grand Launch at the 2024 World Intelligent Industry Expo

TIANJIN, China, June 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On June 20th, AIMA made a notable presence at the 2024 World Intelligent Industry Expo with the launch of the AIMA Q7 official product under the theme “Intelligent Flagship, Born for Family”. The 2024 World Intelligent Industry Expo showcases the latest artificial intelligence technology and industrial advancements globally. This is the second consecutive year that AIMA has been invited to participate in the expo. This event held great significance within the global intelligent industry landscape, as AIMA showcased its pioneering single electric vehicle product, asserting its leadership in the industry. Additionally, the expo served as a platform for AIMA to communicate its visionary approach to intelligent transportation, presenting its significant achievements and outlining plans for an intelligent future, garnering attention on a global scale.

Chic Technology Pioneers the Industry

AIMA Redefines Intelligent Mobility with Advanced Products

During the AIMA Q7 product launch, Mo Xuan, Chief Brand Officer of AIMA Technology Group Co., Ltd, underscored AIMA’s commitment to crafting exceptional vehicles for every family travel. With its sleek design, Pantone color, comfortable ride, TCS safety tech, and intelligent features, AIMA Q7 embodies the essence of home and travel, epitomizing AIMA’s brand ethos while showcasing the brand’s profound exploration and fusion of beauty, fashion, and technology.

Mo Xuan, Chief Brand Officer of AIMA Technology Group Co., Ltd, proudly presents AIMA Q7.

“Transforming Intelligent Two-Wheeled Electric Vehicles,” as described by Xiao Bing, Chief of Research and Development at AIMA Technology Group Co. Ltd, showcases how AIMA’s flagship intelligent vehicle, AIMA Q7, embodies a true evolution in intelligence. Through the seamless integration of intelligent interaction terminals, intelligent riding terminals, and intelligent ecological interconnection, AIMA Q7 establishes a perfect closed loop of innovative experiences. By leveraging advanced technologies such as lead-acid BMS, self-developed full-stack controllers, 4G&BeiDou applications, and multiple intelligent driving modes, AIMA continues to set the standard in the industry for advanced products.

Embedded within AIMA’s vision and strategic plans is an unwavering dedication to user-centric principles, a commitment to scientific and technological innovation, and a resolute action to dispel doubt. Within these pursuits, we witness the commitment and responsibility of an industry leader, as well as a warm and compassionate approach that is both forward-thinking and technologically advanced. AIMA’s endeavors bring joy and love to users across the globe.

AIMA Q7 appeared at the 2024 World Intelligent Industry Expo