AiDot Smart Home’s iOS app passed the Connectivity Standards Alliance’s MATTER certification last week

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The AiDot, a smart home eco brand, has past the certification of Matter and its IOS app has been launched on Apple App Store. In addition to the A19 BR30 smart bulb, which is already available for pre-order on AiDot’s official website, AiDot will also release other Matter-compatible hardware products, such as GU10 A60 smart bulb, table lamps, smart plugs, filament bulbs, and ambient light in the future.

Since AiDot’s first products were certified by Matter standard in November, the iOS version of the AiDot app has also been certified by Matter of the Connectivity Standards Alliance now, and the AiDot Android app has already been submitted for review. It is expected to be certified by Matter in the first quarter of 2023.

AiDot Smart Home’s iOS app passed the Connectivity Standards Alliance’s MATTER certification last week

As an evolving smart home ecosystem brand dedicated to advancing connected home technology, AiDot offers a range of smart, user-friendly lighting, security, and control solutions. AiDot hopes to provide automation features such as timer control and temperature and humidity sensing, as well as smart security features such as motion monitoring and video surveillance through its range of products within the ecosystem. The product will enhance the user experience in various smart home scenarios.

AiDot will also launch more smart devices of Matter version in the future. In addition to smart bulbs, other smart lighting devices, plugs, sensors, and humidifiers, all these smart devices will support Matter. AiDot APP will enable the AiDot ecosystem to leverage the Matter standard and expand the functionality of their smart homes.

A key advantage of Matter is that it works on the local network rather than the cloud. It also makes it easier for users to set up and control their smart home devices because they can operate directly from the local network, which provides faster and more reliable communication between devices and better privacy and security can be ensured for users.

AiDot’s music rhythm function utilizes a similar principle of local interconnection. Through this preferred local network for inter-device communication, AiDot’s multiple different types of lighting products, such as bulbs, downlights, entertainment strips, TV background strips, etc., can be synchronized and controlled without going through an external network, which allows AiDot’s music rhythm function to achieve a delay-free stereo dynamic effect through the local network. This function requires the support of local devices. If consumers have AiDot’s TV synchronized light strips and corresponding TV set-top boxes, they can perform the magical effect of interconnection and control of multiple smart lighting devices in different spatial locations and carry out the synergistic spatial rhythm of sound and light effects.

AiDot is one of the companies that has fully embraced the Matter standard and has launched a series of Matter-compatible products. These products include smart bulbs and lights and the AiDot app. With more launch of products that can be compatible with the matter protocol in the future, AiDot’s app allows users to control and automate their smart home devices using the Matter standard. AiDot plans to continue to launch more Matter-compatible products in the future, further expanding the Matter ecosystem AiDot plans to continue to launch more Matter-compatible products in the future, further expanding the capabilities of the Matter ecosystem.

About AiDot:

AiDot is a smart home platform that connects devices across brands and ecosystems. With AiDot, your home becomes a connected space that makes your life simpler, safer, and more entertaining.

The AiDot app is the central part of the platform for controlling all smart home devices installed in your home. No matter where you are, you can control “Works with AiDot” devices in your home, including lights, switches, outlets, cameras, sensors and household appliances, or create scenes and automation around your routines.

“Works with AiDot” (WWA) is a mark of interconnectivity across different brands and categories. You can easily control any product featuring the WWA label with AiDot app. Brands that have joined the AiDot ecosystem include well-known smart device brands, such as Linkind, OREiN, Mujoy, Winees, WELOV, Syvio, GoGonova, Ganiza, etc.

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