AiDot Inc. obtained Level 5 certification of CMMI-DEV V2.0

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — After more than two months of audit and confirmation by the CMMI Institute of the United States, AiDot Inc. officially passed the software CMMI-DEV V2.0 certification evaluation, and obtained the Level 5 certification, which is currently the strictest and most authoritative certification in the international software research and development field.

This is another important milestone for AiDot Inc. to obtain authoritative certification in terms of product quality, innovation strength, management and service level.

AiDot is a smart home platform that connects devices across brands and ecosystems

What does CMMI level 5 company mean?

Passing the CMMI 5 level certification indicates that AiDot Inc.’s software technology research and development capabilities, project management capabilities, quality assurance capabilities and solution delivery capabilities continue to maintain the international advanced level, and can provide customers with more mature industry solutions. Higher quality service is of great significance to the sustainable development of the company in the future.

Statistics data from official website of CMMI shows that only 15.8% of the 10,987 CMMI-certified companies have achieved Level 5 certification. According to SEI (Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University), software development companies that CMMI certified and actually implement the CMMI management model, have improved project estimation and control capabilities by about 40%-50%, and productivity has increased by 10%-20%,Product error rates fell by more than a third.

AiDot’s scope of this evaluation included 19 process time domains such as software requirements development management, technical solution implementation, project management (including planning, estimation, monitoring, risk management, quantitative management, etc.), Agile software development practices, root cause analysis, decision analysis, peer review, testing management, training management, configuration management, quantitative management, organizational process assets, and high-level governance. The evaluation team unanimously determined that AiDot Inc.’s software R&D process system complied with the high maturity specifications and requirements of CMMI-DEV V2.0, and successfully passed the 5-level certification of CMMI-DEV V2.0.

About CMMI:

CMMI is the Software Capability Maturity Integration Model, was commissioned by the U.S. Department of Defense and jointly developed by CMU-SEI (Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute), is the industry standard for measuring the capability maturity and project management level of software enterprises, and is also the most authoritative software capability assessment system in the world. CMMI maturity level 5 is the optimizing level, which is the highest level.

About AiDot: 

AiDot is a smart home platform that connects devices across brands and ecosystems. With AiDot, your home becomes a connected space that makes your life simpler, safer, and more entertaining.

The AiDot app is the central part of the platform for controlling all smart home devices installed in your home. No matter where you are, you can control “Works with AiDot” devices in your home, including lights, switches, outlets, cameras, sensors and household appliances, or create scenes and automation around your routines.

“Works with AiDot” (WWA) is a mark of interconnectivity across different brands and categories. You can easily control any product featuring the WWA label with AiDot app. Brands that have joined the AiDot ecosystem include well-known smart device brands, such as Linkind, OREiN, Mujoy, Winees, WELOV, Syvio, GoGonova, Ganiza, etc.

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