AI SPERA Signs Data Exchange Partnership With Chong Lua Dao

SINGAPORE, June 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — AI SPERA, the provider of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) search engine Criminal IP, has announced a strategic data exchange partnership with Chong Lua Dao, a prominent Vietnamese non-profit cybersecurity organization. Together, they strive to contribute to global cybersecurity efforts and create a safer digital environment for individuals and businesses.

Criminal IP and Chong Lua Dao have formed a new data partnership

As part of the partnership, Chong Lua Dao will integrate Criminal IP’s powerful API into its proprietary Threat Intelligence (TI) platform, Cykiller. This integration will provide Chong Lua Dao access to Criminal IP’s comprehensive CTI database, empowering them to enhance their threat detection and response capabilities. AI SPERA will mutually gain valuable specialized threat intelligence within the Southeast Asian region from Chong Lua Dao, further augmenting its already robust data offerings.

Partnering with Chong Lua Dao is a strategic move for AI SPERA, fortifying its TI data and presence in the Southeast Asian cybersecurity market. This collaboration expands brand recognition and opens doors for future international ventures. Chong Lua Dao, founded in 2020 by CEO Hieu Minh Ngo, has gained recognition for its exceptional cybersecurity initiatives. Their flagship Chrome extension program effectively detects and blocks malicious URLs, earning widespread acclaim for safeguarding users against cyber attacks.

AI SPERA provides CTI solutions, with Criminal IP as its flagship search engine for retrieving valuable cyber threat information based on IP addresses. Another prominent service is Criminal IP ASM, an automated attack surface management solution. With these offerings, AI SPERA solidifies its position as an industry leader. In addition, to provide enhanced protection to users, AI SPERA has also launched an AI-based free Chrome extension that offers real-time detection of malicious and phishing activities.