‘AI Data Company’ AIMMO Positions to Serve US and European Markets

AIMMO showcases advanced AI, GTaaS, DaaS, and smart labeling services at the world’s largest AI and data expo AIMMO attracts attention from many OEMs and tier one automobile companies

SEONGNAM, South Korea, July 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The startup hub Born2Global Centre announced that the ‘AI data company’ AIMMO had participated in the Data + AI Summit 2022 and the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo 2022 in a bid to gain a foothold in the global AI and data market.

Hosted by the US enterprise software company Databricks, the Data + AI Summit 2022, the world’s largest data and AI conference, was held from June 27 to 30 in San Francisco at the Moscone Center. Returning after a three-year hiatus, this year’s Data + AI Summit was operated under the theme “Destination Lakehouse.”

At the Data + AI Summit, AIMMO, a first-time participant and silver sponsor of the event, introduced AI and data companies from all over the world to its unique data generation, curation, and labeling services that support the full data management cycle.

The global companies in attendance were impressed with the ability of AIMMO’s smart labeling technology to boost work efficiency and quality. AIMMO also drew attention for its Machine Learning Model Operationalization Management Team, which is dedicated to providing ongoing technical support, and for its customizable services that can be tailored to individual projects to produce optimal results.

AIMMO is engaged in different activities aimed at sharing the company’s groundbreaking insights into data management and AI and forming successful partnerships with cloud operators in North America.

Prior to the Data + AI Summit, AIMMO also participated in the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo (AVTE) held from June 21 to 23 in Stuttgart, Germany. The AVTE is Europe’s most influential expo on automotive R&D and innovation. This year’s AVTE was attended by over 70 companies from around the world, most of whom are focusing heavily on developing technologies in the field of autonomous driving.

At the AVTE 2022, AIMMO provided consultations on how its AI and data curation and labeling services can be applied to autonomous driving and gave a presentation on its smart labeling GTaaS (Ground Truth as a Service) and DaaS (Data as a Service) technologies. AIMMO’s GTaaS data processing service allows AI and data experts to engage in autonomous driving projects to develop high-quality learned data. As part of AIMMO’s DaaS service, the company’s autonomous driving data collection vehicles are used to gather high-precision data that can be customized to meet the unique needs of individual customers. AIMMO’s booth at the AVTE 2022 featuring the company’s services and technologies was especially popular among European original equipment manufacturers and tier one automobile companies.

According to an AVTE official, expo participants were particularly enthusiastic about AIMMO’s DaaS service and the company’s proof of concept for its autonomous driving open dataset, scheduled for launch in August 2022. The AIMMO booth also drew representatives from various companies, who earnestly initiated talks with AIMMO representatives on potential partnerships.

AIMMO gained its wealth of experience and well-developed infrastructure by successfully completing projects for numerous clients both from Korea and abroad. Thanks to its advanced GTaaS and DaaS technologies, the company has cemented its reputation as one of Korea’s top AI and data companies.

Doyle Chung, head of Global Sales of AIMMO, commented on the company’s recent activities, saying, “The Data + AI Summit 2022 and the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo 2022 were opportunities for us to better position ourselves in the data cloud market and increase our brand value. It was AIMMO’s differentiated DaaS service and cloud-linked smart labeling technologies that really drew the attention of the companies in attendance of these events. AIMMO will continue to provide differentiated services that meet the specific needs of international clients to gain a solid foothold in the AI and data markets in Europe and North America.”


AIMMO is redefining how AI powers smart automation. At the heart of the AIMMO solution is a proprietary AI-driven approach to the acquisition, curation, labeling and augmentation of structured data that delivers highly accurate training data faster through a proven automated data operations process.

Through a number of groundbreaking supply and licensing models, AIMMO has developed smart applications that harness the efficiencies of automation for autonomous vehicles, smart cities, industry 4.0, robotics and security applications. For more information, please visit en.aimmo.ai

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