After a Six-Year Journey of Resilience and Innovation, Vtrading Joins Forces with a Prominent Swiss Family Office

NEW YORK, April 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Vtrading, an AI-driven quantitative trading service platform, has seen its relentless six-year journey culminate in a watershed moment as it entered the 2024 bull market and was subsequently acquired by a prestigious Swiss family office.

Vtrading went to Switzerland joining the 2024 Winter Davos Forum

Established in December 2017, Vtrading carved out its niche in the realm of digital assets. It offers users an array of services such as visual graph element systems, back testing systems, embedded systems, asset management systems, and strategy malls. Over the years, Vtrading rolled out a suite of features including intelligent quantitative custody, smart follow-ups, an independent rebate system, bespoke deployments for clients, and KOL opinion subscriptions. With nothing more than API authorization, users can leverage AI for automatic trading. To date, Vtrading boasts over 970,000 registered users.

Navigating Bull and Bear Markets with Conviction

In an interview, Vtrading’s CEO, Donglai, reflected on the company’s journey. “I take great pride in our unwavering resolve, which saw us weather numerous cycles of bulls and bears. Amid market volatility, we remained committed to offering high-quality services to our users. Leveraging AI and intelligent quantitative trading, we mitigated risks and optimized returns,” he said. “This year marks a significant milestone for us, underscored by Vtrading receiving the Fintech Award at the 2024 Winter Davos Forum.”

“We’ve maintained a grounded approach over the years, earning us a solid reputation within the industry. We steer clear of over-promising or hyping up benefits for publicity. The tangible success of our users, demonstrated through data on the Vtrading platform, speaks volumes and surpasses any external figures we could publicize. Our guiding principle has always been user-centricity, using our deep quantitative expertise to serve users effectively. Concurrently, we’re expanding our business sectors, delivering top-notch services to professional teams and institutions, and collectively moving towards industry globalization and compliance.”

Staying the Course: From Initial Resolve to Blossoming Success

Donglai noted that Vtrading’s steadfast efforts have earned industry recognition. At the recent “Web3.0 Security Technology Summit and Web3.0 Annual Awards Ceremony” in Hong Kong, Vtrading clinched the “Best Infrastructure” award. Through its big data and AI technology-based quantitative strategies, Vtrading offers users comprehensive quantitative trading services. It aims to create a proficient, efficient, accessible, and intelligent digital asset quantitative trading platform promoting symbiotic success.

“Our users’ consistent profits, coupled with Vtrading’s multiple industry accolades and international recognition, inspire us to further enhance our offerings. The acquisition by the Swiss family office was years in the making, stemming from a consensus reached after several months of negotiations and reaffirmed at the Davos Forum. While I am nostalgic about stepping down, I believe this move will give Vtrading a broader stage for growth. I remain committed to aiding Vtrading’s development in a consultancy capacity post-acquisition. With robust capital support and an international purview, I am confident that Vtrading will continue to thrive,” Donglai concluded. “Never lose sight of your initial ambition, persist in doing what’s right, and march on to victory with Vtrading!”