Aetina Launches New AI Inference Platforms with High Performance and Expandability for Use in AI and Computer Vision

NEW TAIPEI CITY, Dec. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Aetina has launched new AI inference platforms—AIP-SQ67 series—with high performance and expandability for use in AI and IoT. The AIP-SQ67 series platforms, part of the Aetina MegaEdge family, can fit most complex AI-powered applications due to their compatibility with different types of sensors as well as expansion modules.

Aetina Launches New AI Inference Platform for Use in AI and IoT.

The x86 platforms are designed for AI developers and system integrators to build any edge AI or machine vision system that involves multiple sensors, heavy AI workloads, and fast image data analytics tasks. In an edge AI system developed with an AIP-SQ67, the platform functions as the computing center, receiving external image or video data through cameras, and processing the data to output inference results based on the AI model deployed or installed on the platform.

In smart factories, the AIP-SQ67 series platforms can be integrated into many kinds of vertical AI such as automated optical inspection (AOI) for quality control process improvement and 3D virtual fence for workplace injury case prevention. The AOI requires sensors like line scan cameras and AI models for automated product inspection, while the 3D virtual fence application involves smart 3D cameras and AI models capable of detecting human motions. In these applications, with proper sensors and AI models, AIP-SQ67 can run real-time inference tasks to help the factory management teams drive the efficiency of their production lines.

Each AIP-SQ67 platform features a 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor and is compatible with one MXM module and up to two ASIC-based M.2 M-key modules for AI performance upgrades. Its I/O connectors include 5 x DisplayPort (DP++) ports, 5 x 2.5G RJ45 LAN ports, 6 x USB 3.2 Gen2 x 1 Type-A ports, and 1 x USB 3.2 Gen2 x 2 Type-C port, allowing developers to integrate different, multiple sensors with the platform to get more data for image or video analytics tasks. The two swappable hard drive bays for 2 x 2.5″ SATA SSD/HDD of the AIP-SQ67 series enable the platform users to handle their maintenance tasks with less effort: when the drives malfunction, the users only need to replace them with normal drives instead of purchasing a new platform as replacement. These features make the AIP-SQ67 series suitable for different AI systems in smart cities, retail, healthcare, logistics, and transportation besides manufacturing.

Every AIP-SQ67 model can function as the central server of an AI-powered system for its users to manage all edge devices in the system network with Aetina EdgeEye—a monitoring and management software tool for any AI system with numerous computing devices connected to the system and located in different places; with EdgeEye, the AIP-SQ67 platform helps the users monitor the real-time status of each edge device and manage all of them remotely.

Besides the AIP-SQ67 series, Aetina offers other MegaEdge platforms compatible with different NVIDIA GPUs, providing advanced AI performance for state-of-the-art AI and IoT applications.