Addmotor Gets More Electric Tricycles Certified to UL 2849 System Safety Standard

Enjoy Enhanced Safety on Every Ride with Newly Certified Electric Trikes

EL MONTE, Calif., July 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Addmotor, America’s leading e-bike brand, proudly announces a significant milestone in product safety and quality assurance. Four of its premier electric trike models—the GRANDTAN E-Trike, CITYTRI Standard, ARISETAN M-360, and TRIKETAN M-330—have now been officially certified to the rigorous UL 2849 System Safety Standard.

PR-Addmotor Gets More Electric Tricycles Certified to UL 2849 System Safety Standard

This certification aligns with the company’s commitment to providing innovative, safe, and reliable transportation solutions for all users.

What the UL 2849 Certification Means

The UL 2849 certification is an industry benchmark for electrical system and battery safety for electric bikes and trikes. Achieving this certification involves a comprehensive evaluation process where each model undergoes extensive testing to ensure it meets the highest possible safety standards. These tests include assessing the durability and robustness of the electrical insulation, the effectiveness of the safety features under extreme conditions, and the reliability of the battery management systems to prevent overheating and ensure stable performance.

By adhering to these standards, Addmotor ensures its trikes offer enhanced safety features that protect against electrical hazards and battery malfunctions and contribute to safer riding experiences overall. The company prioritizes user safety and understands that its customers trust it to provide not only fun and functional mobility solutions but also ones that ensure their well-being and peace of mind on every ride.

Trike Models Boasting UL 2849 Certification

GRANDTAN E-Trike: Acclaimed for its ergonomic design and versatility, the GRANDTAN E-Trike is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and senior citizens alike. In addition to its robust construction and powerful motor system, this trike has a user-friendly interface and efficient braking systems to accommodate riders of all skill levels. Its UL 2849 certification underscores its durability and safety, ensuring it is a dependable choice for both leisure and daily activities.

CITYTRI Standard:  As a model designed for urban environments, the CITYTRI Standard folding electric trike offers an exceptional combination of comfort and convenience. It’s compact and agile and is equipped with high-visibility lighting and advanced braking systems to enhance rider safety at night, in low-light conditions, and high-traffic areas. Its compliance with the UL 2849 standards ensures that it meets the rigorous demands of city commuting.

ARISETAN M-360:  The ARISETAN M-360 is known for its ergonomic design and superior back support, catering to users with mobility issues or chronic back pain. Its semi-recumbent frame and handlebar allow for further customization of rider ergonomics. UL certification enhances this trike’s appeal to a demographic that values safety as much as comfort.

TRIKETAN M-330:  The TRIKETAN M-330 is a fat tire electric trike that provides stability and traction on all types of terrain. It comes with a powerful 750W rear motor and a reinforced frame for increased durability and sturdiness on rough and uneven surfaces. Its certification highlights Addmotor’s commitment to delivering products that perform safely under diverse conditions.

Enhancing Consumer Confidence Through and Through

With the UL 2849 certification, Addmotor aligns itself with the best practices in electric bike safety and reinforces the trust placed in them by thousands of users across the United States. Customers purchasing these certified models can be assured of their quality, safety, and compliance with the latest industry standards. They can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that they are riding on some of the safest electric trikes available on the market today.

As Addmotor continues to lead and expand its offerings, it engages in ongoing research and development to further enhance the safety features of its bikes and trikes, ensuring that it stays at the forefront of technological advancements in the e-bike industry. This proactive approach to safety helps build a culture of trust and reliability around Addmotor’s products, encouraging more people to embrace the benefits of electric bikes and trikes without compromising safety.

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About Addmotor:

Addmotor  is a leading name in the electric vehicle industry, specifically noted for its comprehensive range of electric bikes and trikes. Since its inception in 2011, the company has evolved from manufacturing motorcycle parts to specializing in electric bicycles, aligning with the global shift towards more eco-friendly and accessible transportation solutions.

Addmotor’s collection includes rugged mountain bikes for off-road adventures, sleek road bikes for urban commuting, and electric trikes for senior riders. The brand is dedicated to maintaining high-quality standards across all its products, which is evident in its meticulous construction, choice of durable materials, and rigorous testing processes.