Addentax Group Corp. Leverages GW Reader Sdn Bhd ‘s AI Technology to Drive Next-Level Operational Excellence

SHENZHEN, China, July 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Addentax Group Corp. (“Addentax” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: ATXG), an integrated service provider focusing on garment manufacturing, logistics service, property management, and subleasing, has announced a significant strategic collaboration with GW Reader Sdn Bhd (“GW Reader”), a global pan-entertainment platform with a focus on online text publishing, web novel translations, and an online writing platform. This partnership marks a major milestone for both companies as they join forces to enhance their respective offerings and drive innovation within the global content industry.

On June 30, 2023, Addentax has formed a cooperation leading certain Games-as-a-Service (“GaaS”) firms to launch a project focusing on the development of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) Online Operational Tools (the “AI project”), GW Reader’s AI technology and expertise come into play. GW Reader aim to unlock new opportunities and enhance the capabilities of the AI project through the utilization of its AI algorithms.

While GW Reader’s core expertise lies in the online content industry, their AI algorithms have the potential to transform various aspects of Addentax’s operations. By utilizing GW Reader’s AI algorithms, Addentax can streamline its garment manufacturing processes. These algorithms can optimize production planning, improve quality control, and automate certain aspects of the manufacturing workflow. This will result in increased operational efficiency, reduced production costs, and improved overall output.

GW Reader’s AI algorithms can also be leveraged to optimize Addentax’s logistics services. These algorithms can enhance demand forecasting, route optimization, and inventory management, leading to faster order processing, improved supply chain efficiency, and reduced transportation costs.

Simultaneously, the integration of GW Reader’s AI algorithms can bring efficiency to Addentax’s property management and subleasing operations. By automating tasks such as tenant screening, lease agreement management, and maintenance scheduling, the algorithms can streamline operations, improve tenant experiences, and optimize occupancy rates.

“We are excited to collaborate with GW Reader and harness their  AI technology to transform our operations,” stated Mr. Hong Zhida, Chairman and CEO of Addentax. “By leveraging the power of AI, we anticipate significant advancements in operational efficiency, enabling us to better serve our clients and maintain our leadership position in the industry.”

The collaboration between Addentax and GW Reader highlights the shared commitment of both companies to harness the potential of technology and drive growth in their respective industries. With the integration of GW Reader’s AI technology, Addentax is positioned to achieve operational optimization, creating enduring value for its stakeholders.

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