Adapt Ideations Takes Asset Tracking Solutions To New Heights With Innovation

SINGAPORE, Aug. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Adapt Ideations, a leading innovator of cloud connected solutions announces the official launch of their next-generation asset tracking and monitoring devices. With significantly enhanced features and additional solutions being added to the range of devices, Adapt Ideations is looking forward to introducing the market to these innovative solutions. Their new tech centre based out of India has played a fundamental role in the development of the third-generation of data loggers.

With significant focus on R&D, Adapt Ideations has expanded their primary solutions KELVIN, PIXEL & PROTON. A number of variations and enhanced features of these suite of devices will lead them towards attaining greater capabilities to meet different use cases in the global market. The main addition of the LCD displays for the devices are helping to further simplify visibility for every stakeholder in the supply chain enabling them to instantly understand whether a consignment remains compliant. Specialising in cold chain asset tracking and monitoring is paving the way forward for Adapt Ideations to help their clients work towards a zero-wastage cold chain with greater visibility.

“We’re proud to announce the launch of our third-generation solutions today coinciding with India’s Independence Day. Having our own team of engineers taking care of everything from device design, implementation of firmware, software and everything in between has made the launch possible. Our brand of data loggers ‘Adapt Loggers’ is nothing short of having innovation at its core with additional products & variations soon to be announced” Prashanth Dharawath CEO of Adapt Ideations.

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About Adapt Ideations

Adapt Ideations is a leading innovator of asset tracking and monitoring solutions aiming to simplify everyday asset management. Adapt Ideations was formed when co-founders Anirban Gupta, Prashanth Dharawath and Sai Kiran Thatikonda realised the gap in the market and demand for information digitisation across the entire supply chain. Our global solutions are taking our clients from traditional track and trace technology to cloud connected solutions, helping them to achieve greater visibility of assets and increase compliance.

Catering to the needs of many industries globally including pharma, food & beverages and cold chain logistics, Adapt Ideations is helping their clients work towards achieving a zero-wastage cold chain. With sustainability top of mind, Adapt Ideations is transforming industry standards of asset tracking and monitoring solutions to take the global market from passive trackers to active cloud connected solutions. Our ability to refurbish devices adds to our sustainable practices allowing parts to be reused in the future.