Acer Launches Next-Gen E-Bikes at Eurobike 2024

Acer unveils the new ebii elite, and fat tire Acer and Predator e-bikes with tracking technology, showcasing a diverse portfolio of e-mobility solutions

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New Acer ebii elite, Predator eNomad-R, and Acer eNomad-R ST e-bikes are designed for urban commuting versatility; eNomad series feature aluminum alloy frames, suspension fork design, and 20×4″ fat tires that adapt to different types of riding surfaces. Enhanced safety and security with advanced tracking technology on Acer’s e-bike models. The Acer eCargo-M caters to the mobility and safety needs of urban commuting with a load capacity of up to 230 kg, front and rear racks for extra baggage, and an extended rear rack for adding accessories.

FRANKFURT, Germany, July 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Acer announced the new Acer ebii elite, eNomad-R series and Acer eCargo-M e-bikes to be showcased at EUROBIKE 2024 in Frankfurt, Germany from July 3 to 7, 2024. A full range of Acer and Predator e-mobility products will also be on display during the show, bannering the theme “Revolutionize Your Ride with Our Full Range of Next-Gen Smart e-Bikes and e-Scooters.”

Acer Launches Next-Gen E-Bikes at Eurobike 2024

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Introducing the ebii elite E-bike

Acer is showcasing the latest advancements to its e-mobility portfolio with the new ebii elite. The ebii series, featuring both the flagship ebii and the new ebii elite, inherits the advanced AI features and cutting-edge design that have made the ebii a global phenomenon. The ebii elite maintains the minimalist design of the ebii with AI technology at its core. It also offers a wider range of accessories, such as front and rear racks, enhancing convenience and practicality for riders in various situations like daily commuting, shopping, short trips, and transporting goods. Additionally, the performance of the ebii elite has been enhanced, including improved acceleration and climbing capabilities, making it more suitable for diverse terrains and riding environments. By introducing different models within the ebii series, we continue to meet the diverse lifestyle needs of customers.

Since its launch in 2023, the ebii has received numerous accolades, including TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2023, the Good Design Award, and the Taiwan Excellence Award. Its ebiiGO app has been honored with the Red Dot Design Award and the Taipei Cycle d&i Awards. Additionally, ebii’s eco-friendly packaging clinched third place in the Home, Shopping, and Other Markets category of the 2024 Dieline Awards.

Enhanced Safety with Advanced Tracking Technology

Acer’s commitment to rider safety and security is exemplified by the integration of private and secure tracking capabilities in several of its e-bike models. The ebii elite, Predator eNomad-R, Acer eNomad-R ST, Acer eCargo-M, Acer eCity-R, and Acer eUrban-R all feature advanced tracking technology, providing users with greater peace of mind. This technology ensures that riders can easily locate their e-bikes, enhancing overall security and convenience in various urban settings.

Versatile E-bikes for Urban and Cargo Needs

The Predator eNomad-R and Acer eNomad-R ST e-bikes are designed for urban versatility, featuring robust aluminum alloy frames, suspension fork designs for enhanced comfort, and 20×4″ fat tires for greater adaptability and safety across various terrains and paths within urban environments. Acer will also showcase the Acer eCargo-M, an e-bike that offers a maximum load capacity of 230 kg and a low center of gravity for seamless navigation and handling. The front and rear racks are ideal for carrying extra bags, while the extended rear rack can accommodate accessories like child seats or surfboards, making daily commutes convenient and comfortable. This also makes the Acer eCargo-M an ideal choice for family outings and offers particular safety benefits in scenarios like shopping alone or riding with children.

Smart Urban E-bikes and Dynamic e-scooters

Acer’s urban e-bikes, the Acer eCity-R and Acer eUrban-R, offer great convenience for traveling city streets. Additionally, Acer’s e-scooter lineup includes the lightweight Acer ES Series 1 for daily commutes, the robust Acer ES Series 5, and the stylish and powerful Predator ES Series 7 and Predator Extreme for outdoor enthusiasts.

Acer continues to deliver in its commitment to bring smart and sustainable solutions with innovative technology and user-centric designs. Offering eco-friendly, efficient, and intelligent transportation options, Acer’s e-bikes and e-scooters cater to daily commuters, urban travel, and families.

To see and learn more about Acer’s mobility solutions, visit Acer’s booth (No. B06 at Hall 9.0) at EUROBIKE 2024.

Pricing and Availability

The Acer ebii is already available across Europe, Middle East, and Africa, starting at EUR 3,999.

The Acer ebii elite, Predator eNomad-R, Acer eNomad-R ST, Acer eCargo-M, Acer eCity-R, and Acer eUrban-R will be available across Europe, Middle East, and Africa starting from Q4 2024.

Acer’s eScooter lineup is available across Europe, Middle East, and Africa with the following prices:

Acer ES Series 1 (AES021): EUR 329 Acer ES Series 3 (AES023): EUR 429 Acer ES Series 5 (AES025): EUR 599 Predator Extreme: EUR 1,199

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