ACEMAGIC Mini PC Virus Incident: Comprehensive Resolution and Future Security Measures

HONG KONG, Feb. 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ACEMAGIC, a leading provider of innovative mini PC solutions, has proactively addressed an isolated virus incident affecting a specific batch of mini PCs. The incident was identified through Windows Defender, detecting the presence of the Bladabindi and Redline malware families in the ENDEV folder, prompting a thorough investigation and swift corrective measures.

The incident stemmed from software adjustments made by developers to reduce boot times, which inadvertently affected network settings and omitted digital signatures, leading to reports of virus-infected mini PCs manufactured before November 18, 2023.

**Comprehensive Solutions Implemented:**

In response to this incident, ACEMAGIC has established a three-pronged approach to address consumer concerns and mitigate the impact of the virus incident:

1. **Return Policy:**

Customers can check the production date on the bottom sticker of their device to determine if it is affected.
Full refunds and return shipping costs will be provided for products produced between September and November.

2. **Product Retention Policy:**

While the files themselves pose no harm, customers are advised to either delete the affected files, or perform a clean reinstall of the operating system.
Operating systems and detailed instructions will be provided by ACEMAGIC.
For customers who choose to retain their products, we will provide compensation of up to 25% of the order price.
To qualify for the 25% refund, customers must provide the Official website order number, a screenshot of the pre-installed browser (upsearch), and a screenshot of the detected virus.

3. **Exchange Service:**

ACEMAGIC is committed to assisting customers to the best of our ability with the exchange process, ensuring their rights are safeguarded.

**Additional Compensation:**

Affected customers will receive a minimum 10% brand discount after verification, applicable for the purchase of new products.

**Proactive Safety Measures for the Future:**

ACEMAGIC recognizes the necessity of enhancing security practices to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. ACEMAGIC is implementing the following measures:

– Strengthening digital signature authentication for all software to prevent unauthorized modifications.

– Implementing comprehensive security reviews and audits for product source code.

– Establishing a robust product lifecycle management system for security monitoring and management.

– Providing prompt security updates and patches to address vulnerabilities.

In addition, ACEMAGIC is strengthening its internal computer virus protection management regulations to minimize future risks, ensuring strict control over the use of removable storage devices, prohibiting the use of unauthorized software, and implementing regular virus checks in susceptible information systems.

**Noting Our Commitment:**

ACEMAGIC deeply regrets the disruption and remains dedicated to offering the highest standard of customer service. The clean system installation download is available on the official website, with customer support ready to assist.

For further inquiries or feedback, please contact the ACEMAGIC customer support team at [email protected].

ACEMAGIC mini PC owners access the clean system installation and Instruction video at:

For more information, please refer to the Windows Defender scan results and screenshots of Chinese and English digital certificates provided:

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