Acclime appoints Joshua Konechny as new Chief Digital Officer.

HONG KONG, Aug. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Acclime, Asia’s leading tech-enabled professional services provider, is proud to announce the appointment of Joshua Konechny as the firm’s Chief Digital Officer (CDO). This appointment underscores Acclime’s dedication to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements in the corporate services sector. Joshua brings over 25 years of experience in delivering digital technologies to multiple business segments, including a strong corporate services portfolio. With his expertise, Acclime aims to further strengthen its foundation in tech enablement initiatives, fostering growth, efficiency, and seamless cross-cultural integration in its operations.

Joshua expressed his enthusiasm for the CDO appointment: “I am honoured to lead the charge in driving tech enablement as a central pillar across the Acclime group. The organisation’s commitment to leveraging innovation and technology to deliver exceptional corporate services is commendable. I look forward to collaborating closely with our talented teams throughout Asia to build on our successes and pioneer new frontiers in corporate services.”

To date, the Acclime group has successfully integrated over 40 companies, representing over 1,200 employees and 13,000 clients across 14 countries, each with its own unique cultural and regulatory challenges. The strong emphasis on technology-driven implementation has played a pivotal role in Acclime’s seamless integration of these diverse entities, ensuring clients experience unified and cohesive service delivery across borders.

Additionally, Acclime is actively invested in integrating new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), into its service offerings. As Joshua noted, “The integration of AI technology is set to revolutionise corporate services, streamlining processes, and enhancing client outcomes. This AI integration will enable Acclime to provide even more robust, efficient, and personalised solutions to its clients, facilitating business growth and success in a rapidly evolving global landscape.”

Acclime’s CEO, Martin Crawford, commented on Joshua’s appointment: “We are delighted to appoint Joshua Konechny as our Chief Digital Officer. As a founding partner, he has provided a solid foundation of expertise since the inception of Acclime, and his appointment is a logical continuation of that excellent work. His expertise in harnessing technology for business transformation aligns perfectly with our vision of how professional services are performed and delivered to our clients. With our continued global expansion, Joshua’s leadership will undoubtedly enhance our efforts to remain at the forefront of this innovation.”

Mr. Crawford explained another motivation behind the appointment, stating: “We see the extraordinary opportunities presented by digital transformation in all areas of business. We have invested heavily in technologies that enhance our internal efficiency, benefiting thousands of employees throughout the region. These technologies streamline and simplify the delivery of services to our clients. Constantly innovating our technology allows us to meet the complex corporate governance and digital security requirements around Asia. The CDO appointment will ensure proper oversight and industry-leading progress in both these areas.”

With Joshua Konechny as CDO, Acclime continues on an exciting path of bolstering its tech capabilities to embrace enhanced digitalization, AI integration, and a strengthened commitment to delivering exceptional corporate services.

About Acclime  

Acclime is a premier corporate and advisory services provider with operations in key Asia Pacific jurisdictions, including mainland China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Australia, and New Zealand. Global client service centres are provided in the UK, US, EU, and UAE. 

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