Accelerating Energy Efficiency Adoption, Deep-tech Startup KrossLinker Develops a Cost-effective Aerogel Insulation

SINGAPORE, Feb. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — KrossLinker, an energy-efficiency-focused deep-tech advanced material startup, is designing and developing the world’s most insulating nanomaterial, aerogel, that is low-cost, environmentally friendly, and scalable.

Efficient and sustainable solutions for the most demanding insulation applications

KrossLinker’s first aerogel product, Cryar® Aerogel Board, targets the cold-chain industry, where a positive market growth trend is expected. But this industry faces a USD$ 35 billion revenue loss annually due to temperature excursions. A 2020 report indicated that packaging costs account for around 30% of the total spending of pharmaceutical cold chain companies. KrossLinker’s Cryar® provides an effective solution to combat this billion-dollar loss.

Cryar® is a first-of-its-kind water-based, eco-friendly Si-Aerogel composite board developed through an energy-efficient process. The nano-porous structure of silica aerogel imparts Cryar® with the best-in-class, and reliable thermal insulation performance, making it a safe, compact, and sustainable solution to transport valuable pharma products, including drugs, vaccines, clinical trial samples, and more.

KrossLinker has collaborated with several specialty packaging, logistic companies, and hospitals to commercialize and accelerate the adoption of Cryar® aerogel shippers. It has been building strategic partnerships with market leaders to co-develop aerogel products to tackle similar problems in vertical markets, such as e-mobility and energy infrastructure.

The role of ADB Ventures

ADB Ventures has remained one of KrossLinker’s key investors and partners since 2022. Qiyong Cao, the Senior Investment Specialist at ADB Ventures, talked about KrossLinker’s potential: “KrossLinker’s proprietary patented aerogel platform technology (ASPIRE®) addresses the lengthy research and development, high capital expenditure, and intensive energy consumption of traditional aerogel manufacturing processes. It allows for a significant disruptive impact, enabling affordable access to one of the best insulation materials for mainstream markets and unlocking tremendous market opportunities.”

What makes KrossLinker unique?

Numerous things make KrossLinker stand out from the crowd. Recognized for Cryar®’s best-in-class insulation performance, long-term stability of properties, non-toxic, water-based, lightweight, and reusable, KrossLinker is also known for being:

Sustainable in its core Solutional in energy-saving products Supportive of a greener supply chain Suitable for logistics cost reduction Innovative in product safety

KrossLinker’s Gayathri Natarajan, PhD., one of the company’s founders, said, “The technology we developed from several years of research to produce our silica aerogel addresses all the challenges and major roadblocks of manufacturing aerogel traditionally. With faster production and low energy consumption of the novel drying technology, our aerogel is made at half the production and capital expenditure of traditional aerogel without compromising its performance. We have demonstrated this in our current pilot production line.”

A talented team of scientists, Dr. Elmira Soghrati, Ph.D., Gayathri Natarajan, Ph.D., and Mahesh Sachithanadam, Ph.D., founded KrossLinker in 2019. Now, a list of top-tier investors, including Seeds Capital, ADB ventures, She1k, Enterprise Singapore, Third Derivative, 500 Global, and Entrepreneur First, supports KrossLinker.

KrossLinker has just opened for Series A funding and is looking for strategic investors to participate in scaling up commercial aerogel production for the cold chain industry and expanding R&D to build the best solution for insulation applications. Visit for more information. 

About KrossLinker

KrossLinker is a Singapore-based deep-tech Aerogel Solutions startup that develops energy-efficient thermally insulating nanomaterial, ‘aerogel’. KrossLinker’s technology has addressed several challenges that hinder traditional aerogel from broader adoption, such as high cost and limited production scalability. With its proprietary low-cost production platform, the company aims to make this world’s best insulation material accessible and affordable across mainstream thermal insulation markets, enlivening innovative aerogel solutions for a better world.