AB Tasty acquires AI-driven personalization provider Epoq and gains foothold in the APAC region

The acquisition amplifies AB Tasty’s best-in-class offering to power relevant and engaging customer experiences via recommendations and intelligent search

SYDNEY, Oct. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AB Tasty, the fast-growing global experience optimisation company, announced today that it has acquired Epoq, an AI-driven recommendation and smart search solution.

AB Tasty has also expanded its presence in Sydney, in efforts to accelerate relations with customers in APAC. 

The acquisition accelerates both companies’ shared vision of empowering digital teams to deliver relevant and engaging shopping experiences along the consumer journey with a best-in-class experience optimization platform.

“The Epoq team is the perfect addition to AB Tasty’s business, bringing their expertise, insights and sophisticated products. We are truly excited for this new era as we work together to unlock more value for our customers, who will now have unparalleled recommendation and search capabilities at their fingertips,” said Alix de Sagazan, AB Tasty CEO and co-founder.

Since 2003, the Ettlingen, Germany-based Epoq has created customised e-commerce solutions for every part of the customer journey from product research, selection, buying intent to customer loyalty. Epoq’s AI-powered recommendation engine enables brands to showcase personalised content by analysing shoppers’ click-and-buy behaviour via a robust library of algorithms.

“Joining forces with AB Tasty means that we are more formidable players in the market through a shared vision of delivering personalised digital experiences,” said Thorsten Mühling, Epoq CEO and co-founder. “This is a great opportunity for Epoq to add more value along the consumer journey for e-commerce businesses, not just in Germany, but on a global scale.”

Together, pairing AB Tasty and Epoq solutions creates a 1:1 personalised experience for users at every point of the buying process, helping digital commerce teams deliver the elusive “wow” user experience.

“The pandemic triggered an e-commerce boom, with over half of transactions now coming from search requests and a third of that from recommendations,” said Remi Aubert, AB Tasty CEO and co-founder. “People using e-commerce site search bars are expecting the same level of precision as they do from Google search. This has been a challenge for digital teams to stay competitive. By adding Epoq to AB Tasty’s platform, we are not only easing the lives of our clients but accelerating the delivery of tailored experiences — and driving profitability.”

Along with this acquisition comes the strengthening of support in the APAC region, with added sales and operations presence in Sydney. This is driven by AB Tasty’s commitment to the growth in the Australian market with new customers like Berlitz, Go-To Skincare and King Living. The expansion brings AB Tasty closer to its customers, through on-site customer support, face-to-face meetings and industry event presence. 

The announcement comes after AB Tasty’s $40 million Series C fundraising in 2020. Since then, AB Tasty has grown internationally by 200%, with global brands such as PVH, Decathlon, L’Oreal, Clarins and Ulta Beauty. Meanwhile, its server-side solution Flagship was named a leader in “The Forrester New Wave™: Feature Management And Experimentation” report.

About AB Tasty

AB Tasty is a global leader in experimentation, personalization and feature management solutions — enabling companies to validate ideas while maximizing impact, minimizing risk and accelerating time to market. Enterprises use AB Tasty and Flagship solutions to align marketing, product and engineering teams and ensure efficiency, reduced costs and optimal end-user experiences. Founded in 2013 in Paris, AB Tasty is built for businesses looking to use controlled experimentation to implement only the best ideas. To learn more, visit www.abtasty.com.

About Epoq

Epoq internet services GmbH provides a software suite for digital commerce personalization. With modular, customized services based on AI, Epoq creates unique shopping experiences along the customer journey. Consumers receive orientation, advice and inspiration when shopping online. After purchasing, they receive shopping news in real time, encouraging them to return to the online store. Consumers also receive personalized emails to stay in touch with the stores.


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