A Safer Tomorrow: AESOP Technology’s Battle Against Look-Alike, Sound-Alike Medication Errors

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Medication errors are a critical problem in healthcare, and Look-Alike, Sound-Alike (LASA) medication errors pose a particularly daunting challenge. Studies show that LASA errors account for approximately one in four medication errors, making them a significant threat to patients. AESOP Technology is thus pleased to announce remarkable results from its recent clinical research, demonstrating its exceptional effectiveness in preventing LASA errors.

“Accurately identifying LASA errors can be challenging due to their complex origins. Surprisingly, only about 15% of intercepted wrong drug errors during our study could be clearly categorized as LASA errors, in the sense that the medications had similar names that contributed to the mix-up. The LASA errors also did not follow predictable patterns, with only 9 out of 71 cases repeating. These findings underscore the limitations of conventional human-defined rule systems, even when augmented with reinforcement learning. RxPrime (formerly MedGuard) not only detects errors that were not previously identified but also highlights the essential need for AI with advanced medical knowledge, demonstrating a breakthrough in patient safety in healthcare,” said Jim Long, CEO of AESOP Technology, explaining the intricacies of detecting medication errors, specifically LASA errors.

AESOP also leverages its proprietary AI technology to overcome the limitations of traditional clinical decision support systems and address the issue of alert fatigue.

“AESOP has taken additional steps to improve problem list documentation to reduce alert fatigue from LASA error detection. Many alerts contributing to physician fatigue result from poor problem list documentation within electronic health record systems. Thus, AESOP intervened at the source by helping physicians complete clinical diagnoses and documentation more effectively while prescribing,” Long added.

More than half of all medication errors occur during the prescription phase, making it a critical focus for improving patient safety. AESOP’s innovative approach offers a beacon of hope. Applying advanced AI technology to this complex problem has yielded impressive results and holds great promise for the healthcare industry. As we address patient safety challenges, AESOP Technology’s contributions stand as a testament to the potential of innovative solutions in ensuring the well-being of patients worldwide.

About AESOP Technology

AESOP Technology harnesses advanced artificial intelligence to develop its exclusive clinical deep reasoning network technology. This technology, driven by sophisticated medical knowledge and data association analysis, is designed to improve clinical decision-making and the medical coding process, primarily focusing on improving patient safety and quality.