A New Generation of Strategy: Kmind President Noah Xie gives lectures at Harvard, Brown and MIT.

BOSTON, June. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Noah Xie, President of Kmind Strategy Consulting, has just wrapped up a series of lectures at MIT Sloan Fellows, IE-Brown Executive MBA, and the illustrious Harvard Club of Boston, speaking to nearly five hundred business leaders and academics throughout his visit to the U.S. from June 14th to 21st. The first Chinese consulting company to be invited to speak by these three prestigious universities, Kmind has been dubbed “Asia’s Rising Star”, with Xie sharing his core ideas and Kmind’s solutions-implementation business model, which have directly led to his clients achieving explosive growth in the Chinese market, swiftly transforming previously obscure firms into industry leaders.

Feihe, one of China’s first milk powder brands founded in 1962, partnered with Kmind in 2015, growing explosively since – from $516 million in revenue in 2015 to $3.25 billion in 2021. Bosideng is another notorious case – a down jacket manufacturer founded in 1976, Kmind guided the brand back into the limelight, and in 5 years their revenue nearly doubled and net income more than tripled.

Despite the wide array of industries that he services, Xie approaches them all with the same core strategic lens: an unconventional, yet groundbreaking combination of Western management theory and Eastern ancient wisdom, creating a universally applicable strategic process, and are ultimately what enable Kmind and their clients to achieve “certainty within uncertainty.”

“As a member of the UNGC, Kmind is committed to sharing our knowledge and experience. As strategy consultants specialized in implementing our ideas, we have always been working with our clients in China to manifest explosive growth, and have gained invaluable experiences in the process,” remarked Xie in his Harvard lecture. “I believe Eastern wisdom and tradition can transcend boundaries and help firms across the world to maximize growth in today’s intense and ever-shifting environment of competition. I’m personally always thrilled to share our unique knowledge and experience.”

Xie draws upon Confucianism and Taoism while also directly incorporating elements from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War such as “winning without fighting” and “winning with the hearts and minds of the people.” These pearls of wisdom ground him as he solves complex and challenging corporate dilemmas at the conceptual level, and creates clear, concise, and implementable solutions.

“At first, due to the unique and unconventional nature of our strategies, large firms like Bosideng and Feihe had to overcome multiple challenges. Throughout our partnership however, they continued to grow stronger and larger, and now stand at the top of their industries. Our mission is to guide more firms to achieve these milestone results.” noted Xie.

Kmind is committed to guiding companies in attaining healthy, sustainable growth, and mutually creates value alongside their clients through the solution-implementation model, advancing the industry to new heights.

For the past eight years, Kmind have steadily built up their foundation, with fantastic teams capable of innovating, iterating and implementing strategies across a variety of industries, receiving awards, accolades, and recognition at home and abroad for our achievements. “I hope that Kmind’s new perspectives and insights on strategy can elevate the global business community, and in turn help the global economy prosper.” said Xie.