A Groundbreaking Decision Framework for the United States Air Force’s (USAF) Air Mobility Command (AMC)

WASHINGTON, March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Systecon North America utilizes a transformative approach with the United States Air Force (USAF) Air Mobility Command (AMC) to enhance aircraft availability of KC-135 and C-17 aircraft to support Agile Combat Employment (ACE) operations. This initiative underscores Systecon’s commitment to advancing military capabilities through cutting-edge decision-support solutions.

Project Overview

Systecon spearheaded the development of a sophisticated system-level decision model, leveraging its renowned Opus Suite, to optimize ACE operations for KC-135 and C-17 aircraft. The project aimed to inform AMC sustainment actions, operational planning, and support processes, focusing on key objectives such as determining optimal spare readiness packages and forecasting demand in high-tempo scenarios.

Scope and Methodology

Focusing on system-level performance, Systecon’s model addressed peacetime scenarios and diverse ACE mission profiles, enabling comprehensive decision support. The model, tailored for the Indo-Pacific Region, showcased the Opus Suite’s analytical prowess in evaluating varied mission actions and environments.

Initial results demonstrate a remarkable enhancement in mission accomplishment rates, with new readiness spare packages boosting performance by over 20%. Systecon’s future efforts will refine the model, incorporating deeper data capture and analysis of additional operational scenarios to optimize logistics support and efficiency, ultimately ensuring improved success for ACE operations.

Results and Future Efforts

Identified critical components, depth, and range of the RSP, increasing mission accomplishment rates by over 20%. Modeled flight hour success rates based on location and mission type, showcasing the effectiveness of optimized spare RSPs. Future efforts include refining data capture, identifying cost performance drivers, and enhancing logistics support efficiency.

“We are very proud to collaborate with the Air Force and USAF AMC in revolutionizing ACE operations,” said Dr. Kevin Rhodes, EVP at Systecon North America. “Our innovative decision model promises to enhance mission effectiveness and readiness, reinforcing the Air Force’s operational capabilities.”

“In the realm of contested logistics, a list of critical components required to achieve operational availability rates at the lowest possible cost based on ACE scenarios has been delivered,” said Maj Gen David Sanford, Director of Logistics, Engineering and Force Protection, Headquarters Air Mobility Command.

About Systecon

Systecon is a leading provider of decision support solutions, specializing in optimizing complex systems for military and commercial applications. With a track record of excellence, Systecon delivers innovative tools and expertise to empower organizations worldwide.

For over 50 years Systecon has developed methods and software for analysis-driven life cycle management. Our solution Opus Suite is used by organizations across the globe in different industries, from defense to renewables to transport, to make informed, smarter decisions in all phases of the system life cycle. We have the methodology, tools, and experience to understand and influence the factors that affect the performance and costs of technical systems – e.g., aircraft, trains, or wind turbines – and to optimize operations, system design, and maintenance solutions based on our customers’ conditions and objectives. Today Systecon is a thought leader in analytical LCM and many of the world’s most complex technology projects rely on our tools and expertise.

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A Groundbreaking Decision Framework for the United States Air Force