6clicks Advances Platform with Major Release to Hailey AI Engine

World’s First Generative AI for Governance, Risk and Compliance Counters Challenges of Complexity, Pace of Change and Risk Management

MELBOURNE, Australia, Oct. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 6clicks, pioneers of the leading AI-powered multi-tenant GRC platform for businesses and advisors, has today announced Hailey GPT, their powerful new AI engine to address the increasingly untenable requirements of managing GRC duties. Now a risk and compliance specific version of generative AI enables extensive GRC automation and helps practitioners to work far more efficiently and with greater accuracy and consistency.

Managing risk and compliance is becoming exponentially more difficult, because of:

The rapidly increasing number of new or changed standards, laws, and regulations Businesses becoming increasingly more global, governed by multiple industries or disciplines (credit card, banking, health, etc.) and having customers and employees from multiple geographies Increasing supply chain risks Increased number and sophistication of security threats Higher levels of inconsistency and greater number of gaps in business policies and procedures

“The job of properly managing risk and running GRC practices is squarely at odds with the volume, complexity, and pace of change,” said Anthony Stevens, CEO & Co-Founder, 6clicks. “Businesses will face a breaking point if constrained to current approaches for GRC. We have made core architectural advancements with Hailey GPT to automate and assist professionals in a game-changing manner.”

Hailey GPT empowers customers with natural language prompts referencing company GRC data leading to powerful, time-saving automations. The powerful AI engine underpins the entire 6clicks platform, beginning with Hailey for Audit & Assessments, where due-diligence questions are matched based on previous responses, policies, control sets, and related compliance obligations. In seconds, this capability will help vendor managers, audit, and cybersecurity professionals, to:

automatically populate and validate responses to audits or assessments saving 30x in time over manual lookup and cut and paste activity; and enhance the quality of responses, ultimately ensuring better compliance and risk management outcomes.

The near-term future for Hailey GPT will deliver AI-created content and intelligent insights across every risk, compliance, audit and assessment interaction within 6clicks.

The 6clicks platform has leveraged AI since its inception in 2019 for specific tasks, but now the new engine includes far more capabilities to enable businesses to truly keep up with the pace of change and rise in complexity of managing risk and compliance. Hailey GPT is currently accepting applications for its beta program. Interested parties can register at https://go.6clicks.com/hailey-gpt to be a part of this groundbreaking opportunity.

About 6clicks

Founded in 2019, 6clicks is a leading GRC solution provider and pioneers of the leading purpose-built AI-powered multi-tenant GRC platform for businesses and advisors. The platform features unique innovations, including its Hub & Spoke architecture, designed for simultaneous globalization and localization and the ability to support multi-tenanted distributed deployments. The platform now also includes the world’s first generative AI for GRC engine and framework and fully integrated content. 6clicks has offices in Australia, the UK, and the US. The company’s diverse customer base includes industry giants such as Thales, NTT, Telstra, Volaris, CyberCX, Zebra Manufacturing, BDO, and many others.