42Gears Introduces AstroStatus: An Intuitive Incident Communication Solution for Keeping Customers Informed During Downtime and Service Failures

BENGALURU, India, Sept. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 42Gears, a leader in Enterprise Mobility Management, is excited to announce the launch of AstroStatus, an intuitive incident communication solution designed to empower businesses by keeping their customers informed during service disruptions and unexpected outages for their cloud-hosted solutions.

AstroStatus enables businesses to adopt a proactive approach to incident communication, ensuring transparency and providing timely information and clarity to customers, ultimately enhancing their overall experience.

Onkar Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of 42Gears, expressed his excitement at the launch saying, “AstroStatus reinforces our commitment to enabling businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences. With real-time incident communication, businesses can proactively engage with their customers, building trust and loyalty even during challenging times.”

Key features of AstroStatus include:

Customizable Incident Templates and Status Pages: Customers can customize incident templates and status pages that display current service status, incident history, and maintenance updates. Alerts and Notifications: Incident management teams can send real-time updates via email and refresh status pages with the latest information (SMS and Slack coming soon). Subscriber Management: AstroStatus simplifies subscriber management by enabling easy import of subscriber data and notification assignment to status pages. Incident and Scheduled Maintenance Communication: With AstroStatus, incident management teams can create and update incidents/planned maintenance, and alert subscribers of the same.

AstroStatus offers the following benefits:

Proactive Communication: By alerting users in advance of scheduled maintenance and keeping customers informed about issues, businesses can reduce support costs and the number of inquiries. Improved Transparency: By providing historical uptime and current system data to customers, AstroStatus helps businesses promote transparency and build customer trust. SLA Adherence: Incident Communication Teams can promptly update issues on the AstroStatus portal and ensure compliance with service level agreements. Custom Branding: Incident communication teams can maintain brand consistency by including the company’s logo and brand colors on the status page.

42Gears is offering a 15-day free trial period of AstroStatus to businesses interested in evaluating its impact on incident communication activities. Click here to sign-up for the trial.

About 42Gears:

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