365Robot: Transforming Singapore’s Food Services Industry with Versatile Robot Waiters

SINGAPORE, Aug. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The food services industry in Singapore is facing a growing challenge as it projects 40% of its jobs to require redesign in the next three years. To address this issue and streamline operations, businesses are seeking innovative solutions. Introducing 365Robot, a pioneering company that is set to revolutionize the food services sector with its advanced robot waiters, catering to the ever-evolving needs of the industry.

365Robot’s Robot Waiters: A Game-Changing Approach

With the introduction of 365Robot’s cutting-edge robot waiters, the food services industry in Singapore will experience a transformative shift. By deploying these robot waiters, restaurants can optimize their workforce and allow human staff to focus on delivering personalized customer experiences and upskilling for future challenges.

Benefits of Robot Waiters:

Enabling Personalized Service: With robot waiters handling repetitive tasks, human staff can dedicate more time to understanding and catering to customers’ unique preferences, creating a truly personalized dining experience.

Efficiency and Time Savings: Robot waiters are programmed to navigate crowded restaurant spaces efficiently, ensuring quicker order deliveries and reducing overall waiting time for patrons.

Autonomous Plate Collection: 365Robot’s robot waiters cruise through the restaurant, and customers can place used plates and glasses onto its tray. After a pre programmed time, the robot will go to the washing area, where staff can collect the dirty plates. Alternatively, staff in the washing area can press a ‘call’ button and the robot will return immediately.

Unmatched Versatility: These highly adaptable robots can seamlessly integrate with various restaurant layouts and service styles, providing versatility that suits any establishment.

Table tracking: Upon placing the order, customers receive a table tracker that can be placed on their table, allowing them to choose their seats without needing humans to direct them. These trackers inform robot waiters the precise location of the customers, and where to deliver orders to.  This way, staff can focus on other tasks, optimising resource allocation and improving overall service quality.

Selecting the right robot waiter for a restaurant is essential. Factors such as the restaurant’s specific needs and challenges, the robot’s capabilities, customization options, integration with existing systems, and cost-effectiveness play a crucial role. 365Robot’s experts work closely with clients to help them understand how the robot waiter’s features align with their goals and customer service strategy.

Customer Success Stories

365Robot’s robot waiters have already proven their mettle in renowned restaurants like HANS IM GLÜCK, SHATEC, and Sri Bistari. Marco Basile, the Managing Director of HANS IM GLÜCK, shares his experience with 365Robot:

“I have great satisfaction and appreciation for the services and solutions provided by 365Robot as an AI robot provider. The decision to work with 365Robot was influenced by their outstanding industry reputation, proven track record, and positive feedback from other businesses and industry experts. The comprehensive features offered by 365Robot’s AI robots have significantly streamlined and automated processes, increasing efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. The exceptional customer service, deep understanding of specific needs, and prompt issue resolution demonstrated by the 365Robot team were also crucial factors. The company’s dedication to continuous improvement and innovation, as well as their commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry, assures a long and fruitful partnership.”

365Robot remains committed to leading technological advancements and working in collaboration with the food services industry in Singapore to provide tailored solutions. With its versatile and efficient robot waiters, 365Robot aims to drive significant improvements in the industry while addressing the challenges brought on by the changing landscape.

For more information on how 365Robot can transform your restaurant’s operations and customer experience, please visit https://www.365robot.sg/robot-waiter/.

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About 365Robot:

365Robot is a trailblazing technology company dedicated to developing and deploying advanced robot waiters that revolutionize the food services industry. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, 365Robot continues to lead the way in the adoption of cutting-edge technology to enhance businesses across Singapore’s vibrant culinary landscape.