2024 Smart City Summit & Expo – Z-COM Leads Innovation in 5G Smart Transportation

HSINCHU, March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The grand opening of the 2024 Smart City Summit & Expo took place at the Nangang Exhibition Center on March 19, where Z-COM once again led the industry trend with its 5G smart transportation solutions.

The opening ceremony at the Ministry of Transportation’s Smart Transportation Pavilion witnessed top representatives from the government and enterprises participating in this grand event. Important dignitaries such as Vice Premier Cheng Wen-tsan from the Executive Yuan, and Political Deputy Minister Hu Hsiang-ling from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications attended the event, demonstrating a high level of attention to the development of smart cities.

The opening of Smart Transportation Pavilion: Dr. Jin sheng Shieh, Chairman of Z-COM, is on the left, is Political Deputy Minister Hu Hsiang-ling from the Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

In the exhibition hall, Z-COM’s technical experts gathered with the expert from the Industrial Technology Research Institute to share their latest achievements in the “5G-driven Intelligent Transportation Technology and Service Innovation and Industry Development Program.” The technical presentation jointly delivered by Manager Hsu Liang-shu at Z-COM and Dr. Cho Chuan-yu Director of ITL at ITRI, titled “Advancing ICT to enhance the Smart light rail operations and push for local productions,” attracted the focused attention of many industry experts.

Z-COM will showcase the advantages and innovations of its 5G smart transportation solutions at the exhibition. By integrating 5G and Wi-Fi 6 technologies, it will enhance the operational efficiency of the Tamsui Light Rail and provide real-time train information through AI/ML analysis of big data, thereby improving operational performance. At the same time, we have implemented bi-directional protection in terms of information security to ensure the secure operation of the system.

Z-COM looks forward to discussing the future development of smart transportation with experts and audiences from all walks of life and anticipates its positive impact on urban life.

For more information, please refer to the 2024 Smart City Summit & Expo and Z-COM’s official websites.

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