2022 World Internet of Things Exposition held in Wuxi

WUXI, China, Nov. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On Nov. 25, the 2022 World Internet of Things (WIoT) Exposition opened in Wuxi, Jiangsu. This year’s expo was mainly on a more specific field, with “Advanced sensing, industrial internet and internet of vehicles” as its slogan, according to the Organizing Committee.

The three-day event included a summit, an exhibition featuring the latest IoT applications and products, and several forums focusing on themes such as the industrial internet, intelligent sensing and intelligent connected vehicles. From self-driving vehicles to industrial robotics, 240 IoT-related enterprises, including State Grid, China Mobile, Huawei and Microsoft, displayed their latest products at the exhibition, which covers nearly 30,000 square meters.

“We have brought charging robots for electric vehicles and power grids using digital twin technology to the exhibition, and visitors can experience our products by just wearing a pair of VR glasses,” said Yue Yun, with State Grid.

Dubbed an “IoT city”, Wuxi currently has more than 3,000 IoT-related companies, with an output value of more than 350 billion yuan. At present, the scale of Wuxi’s Internet of Things industry ranks first in Jiangsu province; the output value of its integrated circuit industry is second only to that of Shanghai, and it leads the formulation of over half of the IoT international standards.

Nestled on the banks of Taihu Lake, Wuxi was originally established nearly 2,400 years ago and later became a hub for rice and textile exports with the opening of China’s Grand Canal. More recently, the city became known for its well-developed manufacturing industry. However, over the last thirteen years, Wuxi has grown once more, from a modern industrial and commercial base to an advanced manufacturing city synonymous with the IoT.

There is little doubt that the digital economy will be a key driver of Wuxi’s economy, and it is crucial to note that the digital economy also links Wuxi with other node cities worldwide. Over the past decade, companies in Wuxi have undertaken IoT-related projects, including the London Underground and BMW factories in Germany, in more than 830 cities in 78 countries. Wuxi will make its name, like IoT, a keyword of the digital economy.

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