2022 H1 Mobile App Selling White Paper Successfully Released

BEIJING, Aug. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On July 4th, Dongli Bai from Reyun released the “2022 H1 Mobile App Selling White Paper”. Since the first release of the “2017 Annual Game Selling White Paper”, Dongli Bai, who is deeply involved in big data, has been releasing industry-selling white papers for many years, and the white papers he published are used as important and comprehensive data reference by mobile industry practitioners.

Dongli Bai, the founder and CEO of Reyun Data

In November 2013, Dongli Bai founded Reyun. He has been working in the field of game big data analysis for many years, and he is using industry-leading concepts and technologies to help game companies improve operational efficiency, retain paying users, reduce advertising costs, and improve the return on advertising.

The strong technical advantage solves the customer problems that game companies are most concerned about, so his company was established only one year ago, and already has more than 3,000 users. At present, the share of Reyun in China’s mobile game big data service market has exceeded 85%, which can be said to be a dominant one. Under Bai’s leadership, Reyun has made outstanding contributions to the Chinese game industry, so his company has won many industry awards, including the 2015 Best Third Party Service Provider Award for the Game Industry, the 2015 Top Ten Outstanding Contribution Award for the Game Industry, and the 2015-2016 Most Influential Enterprise Award in China Internet and Big Data.

In 2016, Bai led his team to create the original advertising data monitoring platform, TrackingIO. The types of customers of Reyun expanded from the game industry to finance, social, e-commerce, education, live streaming, O2O, real estate, life services, mobile operators, and many other fields. These companies need to invest a lot of money to buy traffic, and through TrackingIO monitoring platform, Reyun helps them save nearly 70% of the traffic cost.

In addition to this, the TrackingIO monitoring platform can also connect the monitored market placement data and user behavior data, a feature that fills the gap in the industry and significantly improves customer retention for enterprises. The leading technology and more practical functions have kept TrackingIO in the first place among similar products in China.

However, Bai encourages to continue to develop new products and build a complete advertising and marketing big data management system. He keeps the leading position in China in terms of concept and technology.

At the end of 2019, Bai led his team to develop AdsDesk, an advertising intelligence placement platform where customers can achieve intelligent and efficient ad placement management. In the following year, the ad placement budget on this platform exceeded RMB 40 million per day.

In 2020, Bai led his team to launch the ADinsight ad material intelligence monitoring service (later updated to CAS system), which helps Chinese companies going abroad to understand user preferences, ad placement trends, and ad platform quality in different countries and regions, so as to significantly improve ad placement effectiveness.

In the same year, Bai also led his team to develop an A/B testing system to allow advertisers to achieve better placement results through testing and comparison of different solutions, thus making Reyun the first big data service provider in China to launch this service. This business was written into China’s first A/B testing monograph “A/B Testing: Innovation Begins with Experimentation”.

Bai has led the rapid development of Reyun, and the company’s data resources have covered more than 2.3 billion mobile devices, covered nearly 220,000 apps of all kinds, and providing services to tens of thousands of enterprises in dozens of fields. Reyun has become a well-deserved leader in China’s big data service industry. Based on data, Bai has helped various industries achieve business growth with big data analysis, which has greatly contributed to the development of the industry. As a result, he has been awarded several industry honors such as the 2017 China Mobile Internet Leader, the 2017 GMGC Tianfu Award for Emerging Figures, the 2017 100 People of New Marketing, and the 2020 100 people of Entrepreneur of the Year.

Under his leadership, the company and its products have also won more than 50 industry awards.

Led by Bai, Reyun has not only helped Chinese companies expand rapidly in overseas markets, but also helped overseas brands do business smoothly in the large and complex Chinese market. In recognition of Reyun’s innovation and leadership in China’s big data services industry, Mobvista, the No. 1 mobile digital marketing platform in Asia and No. 3 in global reach, completed its acquisition of Reyun in 2021 for consideration of $1.5 billion.

Along the way, for just less than 8 years, Bai has obtained a number of patents, created and released a series of national leading big data services, helped tens of thousands of enterprises in various industries to improve operational efficiency, saved high costs, and accelerated the innovation and development of enterprises. However, Bai is not satisfied with this, and he keeps running on the road of innovation. We look forward to seeing him using advanced big data solutions to help more companies grow and develop.